Character Building Questions Before Bed


 At some point in every day, I ask myself each one of the following questions:

Did I reach out to another person today and make a difference in their lives?

How did I use at least one of my talents to have a good time?

Did I quiet my mind for at least 20 minutes so that it could reload?

How much thought did I give to those who are less fortunate than I?

What did I do to get closer to my ultimate dreams and goals?

Did I use each moment to my fullest ability?

Did I express gratitude for all of my blessings?

Was there a point in my day when I complained instead of finding a way to deal with anything?

What do I really want more than anything in this life?

How is it going got feel to be a father?

What is it that is holding me back right now from being wildly successful?

Do I send out as much love to others as I feel in my heart?

Where will I be 5 years from now?

Am I living this day as if it's my last?

Does a certain person really know that they have changed my life in a truly profound way?

  The only difference with today, is that I asked all of these questions of myself within the past 5 minutes. My answers keep me in a very accountable place. I am not perfect, I am however, on the field and highly intent on a very powerful end game. Be well.




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