Birthday Pondering And Appreciation

   So we all have a birth date. Actually, some people claim to have not been born. That is too much to tackle in this posting. I can only say that I am so very grateful for my life. The places that I have been, the people that I have interacted with, and of course the gift of the people who actually gave me the gift of life. When this day comes, I am always humbled by the messages that I get and the people who show their appreciation for me. It's far from an ego trip, it's just a warm and comfortable place to marinate in. I also find it so interesting how many people remember my day that I hear from so little during the other parts of the year, if at all. I am truly moved by their gesture of just a quick phone call and a message.

    When I think about my birthday, I also think of my parents and what they were going through on this day back then. What were their concerns about how to care for me and what they had to sacrifice to make things happen? Times were different back then, not that far back. There was just a difference consciousness and I believe there were less distractions in life overall. That of coarse is just my perspective and not necessarily rooted in truth. They are such solid people and I just feel like they were just prepared to do all that they needed to. I am biased of course.

     To feel a year pass by seems very small as time goes. However, it makes a big difference  in the grand scheme of things. You learn new things, meet new people, lick new wounds, and even increase your scope of thought if you are fortunate enough. To not repeat the past is always a fine goal to aspire to. However, some of us actually need to hit that hard wall again just to register it properly and then not return to its sting. I think you understand where I am coming from for sure.

      We don't have to look or act our age to stay relevant either. What others see in you is just that, what they see. I have not felt my age since I was 22. Even then, how did I know what 22 felt like? I had no reference when I got there because I had never been there prior to that moment. I ignore people who have time restrictions on living their lives. Things like when people say that you are too old to start something or that you don' t look the correct age to do something. I also make sure that I watch children and elderly people . These people know where they have been and they know what they want.

      Birthdays are really not about presents and all of the flashy things. They are more about recognizing others and letting them know that they have left an impression in your heart. Next year I plan to have a big party because I think it will be a very special one for me.My birthdays are always  about those who have been the glue in my world and would step in for me if I needed them to. People are born every day, however, there are still those who are just not living. They are passionate placeholders that just don't want to upgrade their vehicle. Do you feel what I am saying?

      In closing, I love my life and those that are closest to me. I learned some powerful lessons last year and I am ready for some more this year. The ups and downs have been very humbling and real. It's fascinating how the life situations and lessons just keep on regenerating one after the other. Just imagine what we could do if we had the lessons in a little notebook when we were about 7 and we could use them properly to avoid some pitfalls. You know what would have happened right? We would have created other challenges that would require us stepping up and taking care of them the only way that we knew how. But how much could we have known at 7? Tricky right?

     I appreciate each and every voice that left their sentiments on my machine today. As I am in a geographically challenging place, I could not listen to them all. They were so moving that I was a bit emotional inside as I read them by text or listened to them by voicemail. I missed a few, I can feel it. Here is a text that I received from a very special young man that I mentor. It read as follows:

To a man that Billy Joel would be honored to sing with... To a man that Chuck Norris would have no choice but to tip his hat to....and to a man that Donald Trump wouldn't dare to fire. Happy Birthday. May God continue to bless you on this special day and may you live to see many more.... long after DiCaprio wins an Oscar. Which might take an eternity. Peace Captain. 

This gave me a huge pause.
The words really touched me. I am not sure what to say to that? Living is good and being recognized is even better. We are all superstars in our own fashion. It's been an amazing day. I am extremely grateful. I cannot get you close enough to my feelings right now. Be well




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