As The Heart Spills Over

  Life is so amazing to me because we are constantly learning about ourselves. The moment that you think that you have had enough, you can usually go on just a little bit more. On the other hand, sometimes you are certain that you can go on forever, and you run out of steam. None of this is bad, it's just feedback. We are given so many chances to get stronger, be better, and to expose our truths, yet, most times fear uses us as a buffet. The truth is, we could not exist without a small amount of fear. How then would we know what really tests us and means the most to us?

  As I review situations that I have been involved with both professionally and personally, I realize that like a pearl, the scrapes, slips, falls, and moments of being pulled way under are what make us who we are today. To be direct, I was concentrating on a few times recently and in the past that I cried for different reasons. I am a happy person at least 85% of every day. That's a high percentage and I own it. However, I also know what its like to show up and be strong for a group or a single person. There are moments that you don't want to be strong, you just want to release the tension and allow the tear ducts to flow. When this happens, the body thanks you triple fold. I am certain that if more people allowed these moments that we would all gain more compassion for one another. The problem is that it's not sexy, or hip, or seemingly powerful, in the grand scheme of it all. That's not a fact that I necessarily subscribe to. It's just what I hear more than anything else.

   When I have had a breakdown or a moment that I cannot control, I know that I had been holding on to that emotion for too long without releasing it. I know that I was nursing it the wrong way. I know that it was not existing in the right form. Then I look to myself and take responsibility for it in any way that I can. I am here to tell you from my own experience, that it's usually not the other person that pushes us to this place, it's us. To not manage something for a length of time, is to allow a crater to grow in your soul. When it grows to a certain size, it swallows everything to fill its space. I hope that my message is clear.

    I wanted to flow with these words as my soul is in this mellow and pensive place. I give thanks to those who have taught me some of the most harsh lessons as it relates to relationships and so forth. I also send nothing but warmth, compassion, and the highest vibrations to those who may have been hurt by me. I cannot think of one person who I have set out to deliberately hurt in my entire lifetime.
The ebb and flow is sometimes a sharp and ruthless reality. It does not have to make sense, but it does have to exist. I look at it like this. If a situation has made you sad, it is great feedback. If a situation has made you happy, it is great feedback. If you make it too much about yourself, then that's great feedback as well. So live the moments, let go of the things that do not make your soul sing, and most of all, know that you are most probably loved more than you think. Thank you for being here once again. I appreciate it.



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