Almost 500 / Lessons From The Married

 It is so unbelievable that in 25 posts I will have written 500 posts for this blog. Actually, that is not one hundred percent true. The truth is that 500 posts would have been entered into this blog, because I have a co writer and she has contributed a few posts as well. The point is that I told myself when I reach ed 500, I would create a book that had the posts that were most read as well as the posts that have meant the most to me to have written. So I am gearing up to do a wonderful self publishing right here in NYC and then the book can make its way around the world. I want it to sooth and inspire people and let them know that they are strong, creative, powerful, and most of all are definitely capable of making a difference. When I started this blog with Brigitte, we had absolutely no subscribers for a few months or so and now it has grown exponentially. Everything starts with a messy and unsure idea. However, it can grow into something that is truly larger than life. This blog has a ways to go for sure. However, I love coming here each day and I plan to do some very creative and different things this year. For one, I will be changing the platform and giving it a face lift. I won't spoil the surprise all the way, so I'll leave it at that. It's going to be good.

  So today I let a nice couple into a friends apartment that is away for a while. They were an Israeli couple that seems happy and well cultured. I had to explain the apartment to them and make sure that they knew all of the small pitfalls that could pop up. There are only a few, so I got them out of the way in no time. Then the guy started giving me all of these hypothetical problems that could arise and  asking me what I would do. I urged him to enjoy his 20 day stay and to not worry at all. If something goes wrong, I will fix it for sure. I still believe in the present moment more than anything else in this life. If you go too far forward, you cannot take care of what's right in front of you in this very moment.

   Whenever I get the chance I ask couples how long have they been married. I of course, asked these people this as soon as I could. The man was the first to answer the question. He said 38 years and counting. There was sincerity in his voice and pride as well. Then I asked him what was the secret to staying together for this long? His answer was short and sweet. He said, "You need resilience." I did not need to hear anything else. I agreed and told him that I want what he has and that I will remember his advice. I watched them in this small space of time and I could see that they knew each other and that they were there fully for one another. It does not always look like this when you see couples that have been together that long.

     I still believe in marriage despite popular belief. Actually, I do not believe that you have to get married to be happy. I can say that if it works for you, then do it. If you just want to be with that person that makes you tingle, then do that. Do not be bound by the rules. Make your own rules and then follow through with it as the two of you see fit. I believe there is too much conventionality and not enough authenticity when it come to true love. Just an opinion and that is it. Be well and be true to you.



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