A Truly Engaging Interaction

   If you have not been able to tell so far, I love interacting with passionate people. They sneak out in front of you and their presence is unmistakable. I know that they live their lives this way, because if they treat me this way and they don't know me, it's clear. I have had some of the best interactions in the strangest places and I love to reflect on them.

   Today I walked in a shoe store because I had some time before an appointment. I had not been in this store before, so I was curious. Naturally, I walked right into a pair of shoes that gave me serious pause. They were brown and they were very strong and classic looking. As I picked them up, I could already feel them on my feet. Just so you know, I love shoes, but I do not need another pair in my closet. This does not stop me from being fascinated by gorgeous design. I also took a look at some very nice suits as well and I was amazed at the prices. When I say amazed, I mean that they were priced separately and they had some adult numbers on them. Quality costs for sure.

    So in the next few moments, I was approached by a young man that brought my experience up quite a few notches. He was polite, well dressed, and super easy to speak to. We spoke about the shoes and he explained to me that the shoes were lifetime shoes, based on the fact that the company will resole the shoes when they need to. They had a material on the bottom that I had never seen before, so naturally I was drawn to them. I asked  him where he was from and told me that he was from Haiti. I in turn told him that my Father was married to a Haitian woman years ago. Then I remembered a fact that I had read about his country. It's something to the effect that Haiti has more painters in one place than any other place in the world. He thought that was a great piece of info and was happy to learn something that he did not know about his own country.

    I cannot grasp exactly what was so fluid about this interaction. All I know, is that this guy was in the right profession. If I had bought something today, I would have asked that he get double commission. I also inquired about his name, which happened to be Enoch. He told me that he spelled it differently, but it was originally from the bible. It was even cooler that he had a name that was full of meaning and depth as well. You ever just want to meet the parents of a person after meeting them the first time? That's exactly what happened to me today. I know that human beings love the sound of their name coming out of another humans mouth, it's proven across the board. When you are interested in some one's story, they perk up and want to tell you everything.

     I did tell him a small amount about me, but I was more interested in these shoes and the knowledge that he offered about them. Then just as I was about to leave and let my heart get back to its normal beating pattern after seeing these shoes, it happened. Enoch told me that he enjoyed our conversation in the most authentic way. He asked if there was a way to see my "artistry" online. I thought that was a creative way to put it. So I gave him a card and he was very appreciative of it. This young man was not just a salesperson or an employee, he was a walking experience, laced with authenticity. I really appreciate a person who digs in and makes a noticeable mark in your day.

     No matter where I am, I know one thing is for sure. Energy begets energy. When two energies meet on so many levels, a reaction takes place that cannot be stopped. I will be writing a letter to the company and I will also eventually be buying those shoes. Thank you Enoch. You are a true professional that moves with grace and style.  It's just fine that you may never see this blog, because I am praising you just the same. Thank you all for reading.



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