Two Good Samaritans And A Purse Snatcher

   Firstly, I love the word "Samaritan". I looked it up as I was about to use it and found out that i had been spelling it wrong for years in my head. I now knew the right way to spell it. It comes from the bible originally as I understand it. The meaning is basically a compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers. Just a little set up story so you know where I am going as I tell you two little stories.
   I was at a Starbucks yesterday and was astounded by something that I saw. A woman was sitting down on her computer with her purse behind her. A man came along and yanked it off of the chair and ran out of the store. I thought it was strange because he did it so forcefully. There was no finesse involved at all. As soon as he cleared the door, two men ran after him that were complete strangers. The first one chased him about a half of a block and then the thief dropped the things and kept going. The second guy continued to chase him and they ran into the cops who then stopped him. The woman did get her things back.

    She was so gracious and so relieved to have her things back, however, she was a bit shaken up. Now all of the people in the near vicinity of her seat were consoling her and rewinding the incident piece by piece. I noticed that there were cameras all over, so I inquired if they were on. One of the employees told me that they do not work and they have not for quite some time. This was disappointing to me on so many levels. The camera could have caught everything and they would have been able to at least get a face on this guy. A staff member came and asked either of the guys if they would love something on the house, They also received two gift certificates worth $25.00 to boot.

    To watch human beings work together like that was wonderful. I spoke briefly with one of the men. I told him that I really appreciated the way he stepped up like that for that lady and that I would have probably done the same thing. It was risky, because he could have been shot or knifed. The mood of this Starbucks went right back to normal outside of the table where the lady was sitting.  This was just another example of how the human spirit can be of such advantage when used correctly. The man that was stealing from this woman was probably going through something too. We won't ever know now, but I wish him well.

     A few months ago I found a piece of mail addressed to the leader of a well known band who used to live in my apartment building. I left it for the mailman, yet it was never picked up. I then tried to locate his new address here in Brooklyn, however, I was not successful. So I decided to call the company that was listed on the envelope so that I could give it back to them. I called them and described the envelope and they told me that it was for a special event that had passed. I was happy that they knew the guy and that they could reach him. Then she told me to keep the envelope. She said that it had a special edition painting in it from a well known artist. I was thankful and totally not expecting to get anything for getting some mail back to someone. She thanked me for being a good Samaritan and we hung up.

    In closing, we can all help each other in the smallest way that turn out to be huge to most people. There a re so many good people in this world and we all have the capacity to add ourselves to that list. What can you do today for someone?



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