The What's Underneath Project

  I watched some videos today from something online that really moved me in a large fashion.  I love how some people can just expose their souls and get some clarity and do it in front of the world. We all have our doubts about our abilities, our shortcomings, or our feelings of being under par. This was really a bunch of eye opening interviews and I did not want to stop watching them. I will put the link on the bottom of this posting.

  Being real is still a rarity that few people on this earth can claim. When we are hurting or when we are free and clear and smiling, to be real and just let it out is powerful and beyond intense. These people in these videos had their own personal brands of struggle and they stepped up to them online in front of the world. They all have issues with their bodies or minds or their way of being. I just wanted to reach out and hug them through the screen. Most of them are here in NYC, so I can actually go and tell them how much they affected me through their stories.

   I tell myself each day that I am enough just the way that I am. There are days that I ask myself why I have not accomplished a certain thing or why have I not stepped up to a particular challenge. However, I am proud of who I am and the major influences that have shaped me since I was born. Most people have 2 parents, I have 3. They put everything they had into me and they have not stopped yet for one day. It's absolutely fantastic to know this kind of love and dedication. When people compliment me on any level, I give the credit to them for placing the tools in me to keep duplicating them wherever I go in the world.

    So take some time and watch some of these videos. You will need between 5 to 10 minutes for each one. I hope that you find some lightness in them that causes you to live a bit easier with yourself. These people are you and I wrapped up in different bodies. We are all powerful, unique, scarred, unsure, world in progress that just want to be loved and paid attention to as much as possible. Just as an aside, the concept of these videos is based on exposing your true self. So each woman or man talks about their pain or struggle or story while slowly undressing down to their underwear. It's very simple and non flashy. The messages draw you in and make you think. Give it a shot. Go to the site as soon as you can. Thank you for continually coming here and supporting this blog. Click the link below.                                                                    

The What's Underneath Project


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