The Barter System Is Under Used

 I think about this almost every day at some point. The concept of helping other people with the things that you have and then they do the same for you. Just to be clear, I do not believe that you have to get when you give each and every time. Actually, I believe that the more you give, somehow the universe gives back to you at the right place and time. It's not a perfect science as it relates to when and how, it just happens. With that in mind, I am a strong believer that we can all do this and change the vibration of the world.

   This afternoon I sang for a corporation that happens to be an airline. There was no pay, however, they gave me free miles for each of the two gigs that I did. To be specific, they gave me 20,000 miles per gig! Yes, you read that right, 20,000 miles times 2. So I have 40 thousand miles to travel. This translates into 2 round trip tickets or more, depending on where I choose to go. This is a great system to get involved with on so many levels. What could be better than both sides getting exactly what they want? There is no backstabbing, no under handed behavior, no grey areas. Traditional business usually does not work this way.

    These barter systems or clubs are in most cities across the country and the world. I have been doing this for years on many levels and it makes me feel so good when it works out for both sides. It takes very little effort to offer what you already have. It takes even less effort to accept something that you need in conjunction with it. I love this concept and I hope that more people will choose to use it. I am grateful for once again being in a situation like this.

      Check out some barter sites when you get a chance. This could truly change the way you navigate through life in a good way. Here are a few cool ones:

Family Bartering
An Online Swap Meet
Do Each Other Favors
All Category Barter

                                                                           Have a great time with these!!!



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