Super Bowl 2015 Insights

    This was a very go d Super Bowl game. I truly believe that both teams truly came to play. It was clear as soon as the game started that they both wanted it badly. The players were moving down the field with purpose and focus. I watched the many different ways that the players moved across the field and it was intense. The past two super bowls seems rather uneventful to me for the most part. I normally tend to watch he game because of the halftime show, but I was engaged all the way through this time. By the way, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliot were phenomenal. They are all such great artists for sure. The imagination put into that stage was just awesome.

     So when the first touchdown was thrown, I knew that the other team would get a bit anxious and amped up, and they did for sure. I loved the fact that both teams had gotten 2 touchdowns before the half. There were some unforeseen mishaps and they were not necessarily in the best interest of both teams, but that's the game. These teams had an entire season to make all of their mistakes and now it was time to play like a well oiled machine and push forward in the strongest and most efficient way.

     It's interesting how the plays are created in football just as we plan our lives from day to day. We look at a certain situation, plan a way around it through either creative thinking or just brute strength. However, in either case, the plan can get taken part and sometimes even become a bigger problem at the drop of a hat! During one particular play, a player jumped so high to get the ball, that him and the defending player fell to the ground. What was strange though, was that it looked as though he had dropped the ball on the way down from this high jump.The crazy thing was, he did not let it hit the ground at all, and it was ruled a fair catch.The ball bopped around his hands and body the entire time and he kept it together brilliantly.

     Then there were the commercials. I have loved them ever since I was a little boy. They seem to always be built to harness all of your attention and to make you remember a particular product. This year I felt that it focused more on the human spirit than it had in many years past. There was a domestic violence commercial that was a very necessary during this time as well. It was one of those messages that you did not have to actually see what was being expressed at all. Just the words and the scenes were more than enough. Then there was one about making things happen that you are passionate about. A woman created a bus to teach young children about computers and to dispense knowledge in general. I was moved by this for sure.

     I am always fascinated at how car commercials push to get so deep into your mind with their story lines and imagery. Not that it is different from most marketing. It's just that they really want to transport you into the fantasy that makes you purchase their vehicle. The commercial with Pierce Brosnan was especially good to me. Mostly because I was moved by how they built up to the ending by saying that there would be fireworks at the end of his journey. They actually meant a gorgeous woman that would produce fireworks. I loved that.

      Overall these teams ran neck and neck to the finish, well kind of. In other words, the team that was comfortable and could have won the game by staying steady, chose to risk it by throwing the ball when they could have run it. I compared that to our lives as well. How many times have we seen the end or the solution in plain sight, only to make a rash decision that costs us all of our prior work and pushed us back to square one? I am not saying that the safe way is better, I am just saying that all options should be properly scrutinized ahead of time. In the end, the team that seemed to have made more mistakes wound up winning. As one of my favorite mentors would say, " If I fail more, then in the end I win." When I first heard that, I was a bit stumped. Then I realized that it meant, just keep going until you hit your mark.Failures are a big part of forward motion. I get it now. Those who succeed  the most have also failed the most. Strange but true. This was a great game with great commercials. If you missed them, look them up online. I think you will enjoy them.



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