Schomburg Was Puerto Rican / You Will

  This fact was offered to me today. I had no idea that Schomburg was Spanish at all. I always thought that he was black. When I say black, I mean born in America and black. This was purely based on not doing my research to a deeper degree. I take full responsibility for it. I have actually not even been to that museum here in Harlem. Actually I have been there, just not inside. I will change that this month and write a post about it. Assumption of any kind will get you nowhere.

   So what a conversation I just had with a very intelligent person. She and I have been friends for years. I help her when I can with my male perspective that run the gamut of topics. Today we had a conversation that touched a nerve in me. As we spoke, she told me that she did not trust white people. This certain person is not from here, nor will I divulge her nationality at all. All I can say is that I felt something when she said that.  It sent a tinge up my vertebrae. She said if its white I generally don't trust it. I took a breath and allowed her to speak thoroughly. We don't all have to agree on every topic to exist in this life.

   I monitored my ego and my inner fire from the moment I felt it and I told her how interesting it was that she felt that way. She had her own reasons which are hers to own and I respect that. I just really felt that she was missing out on so many beautiful people by making that statement. Then I thought, was I judging her for judging them? So there was this big tornado swimming around in my head and I worked diligently to calm it. We got through the conversation and I was left with a residue of mental confusion. I let it go. It just amazed me that she said that and with such conviction.

  All in all I realized that we all had had our situations that have given us what we feel is our final viewpoint on some things. I cannot say that it's a good or bad thing, but I know that we have all experienced that to some degree. So I vowed to let it go unless it what brought back up again at some point.  Not all mental battles are meant to be fought. Some are just there to send a shock up your spine and then let you decide why it shocked you in the first place.

   So as I was speaking with my good friend, she also told me that she had someone tell her that she will today. She will what? You are probably asking yourself that right now? Well, to keep the story short, she is up for a very special award that will allow her to study and get paid to do so. She will know shortly if she was chosen. The great part is that she came onto contact with a gentleman today who told her that she will be selected. Of course she was a bit taken aback when he said this. She made another comment and again he repeated. "You will". This was something that I loved. How does he know that she will be selected? Did he just believe in her and know something that she did not know? Either way, I love these two words. I hope to get more on that story.

   Imagine what would happen if more people told others about the possibilities instead of the road blocks? I really just get so lit up by this way of speaking. It takes all of the blockage and opens it up for possibility. I am truly into mastering this way of speaking even more than I already have. Will you be strong enough to deal with the next chapter in life? You will. Will you be able to handle something that hits you blindsided and continue to move forward? You will. I am willing it in your direction. Keep on believing in your power.




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