Rich Conversations and Strong Relations


   The past few days I have distracted by a few things. These things have been related to my health and my conversations with others. My voice has been acting up more than I would like it to. It has challenged me even to speak for too long and forced me listen and be quieter. I would love to say that I have been not talking, but I have. I truly have had some of the richest conversations with some of my most treasured friends and family over the past week or so. There is no particular reason that this has happened during the past week or so, however, I felt it and it has been so good.

   One of my conversations was with a male friend that I highly cherish. We spoke of some things that  were very deep and rich on so many levels. What got me very excited and feeling so good was the level of appreciation that we have for each other. Our friendship has spanned over 10 years and it is still going. He is vigilant, driven, full of talent, and most of all highly perceptive to my changing energies. In other words, he always knows when I am going through something or even just trying to make sense of it.  This is such a great skill to have or to recognize in another human being. We all have moments that take us out of our comfort zones and yank us to the other side.

   At one point  in the conversation I thanked him for the richness of our relationship. He is a father and quite possibly a future husband. He always has projects going, like myself. The thing that pushed me over the top though, is that he makes time, or should I say, we make time to get things out into he open. Our lives are polar opposites in many ways, but we manage to balance that somehow and just excavate deep into so many juicy topics that help us both.

   To think of how certain people can reach deep into your soul and light that match of comfort ability is just magic. Then there are others who you may not see eye to eye with, yet they are continually teaching you about yourself as well. There are no wasted conversations or wasted situations. They are all filled with thick bars of mental filling. Just the other day I had a conversation with a person that I view as highly negative. He could complain about a rose petal hitting the side of his leg as it blows off of a nearby rose bush. However, he always has nothing but the best to say about me and what I am capable of in this life. He challenges my patience when we speak. So many times I have thought very seriously about severing ties with him. However, the truth is, the classes that I receive from him are way too precious.

   When we are engaged and listening instead of waiting for a space to share our viewpoint, everything changes. I am not an expert on this at all, but I have gotten miles better than I was even 6 months ago. I realize now more than ever that there are specific reasons why certain people do not call you, even when they say that they will. Over and over, they do not call. There is also a reason that we do not call certain people, while others we cannot get to the phone quick enough to get a dose of their spirit juice and/or mind blowing vibrational energy. There is no "busy" when a person changes his or her focus and decides that it will except nothing less than the most galvanizing energy to fill its tank.

    Rich conversation and strong relations make the world a beautiful place to exist and they are always within our reach if we allow it. Thank you for being here.



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