Posture And Walking Straighter

   The art of how we are seen and how people see us is still so intriguing to me. Lately, I have been paying attention to how my posture changed from time to time and how I am walking. Take a look at your soles and see where the shoes wear out the most. I did this and I wondered why it is that I walk the way that I do. I also look to see how this correlates to my life in general? I know that there are some connections and I want to reveal them to myself.

   I tend to walk very much like a ballet dancer from what I can see on the bottom of my shoes. It is quite surprising to me because it does not feel that I walk that way in real time. However, the bottom of the foot does not lie. I am also flat footed. I feel that I can correct the way that I walk and therefore correct my posture and open up some more of my power as I walk through the world. I am not sure what has brought this on at this particular point, but it is definitely here.

    In yoga, the day before yesterday, I hit a wall in one of my chakras, and I shed some tears. This was directly related to some things that are blocked in me for certain. I realize that there is work to be done and I am willing to step up and to do what is necessary. I truly believe that we can all correct our balance by doing small things daily that change our direction for the better. Why we want to change them for ourselves is really where the magic is for sure.

    As I close this posting, I am feeling that I require some more sleep, some more water, and definitely some more meditation. So if you are reading this right now, what would you say that you require more of that you have total control over? It is foolish for us to complain about the things that we have control over wouldn't you agree? Yes,  it is definitely true that when we know better, we do better.  Just a few thoughts before I move towards the land of sand. Be well.



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