Overlooking Yourself

   These two words can be pushed in so many directions. I just want to concentrate on one for right now. I am so excited by the power that so many of my closest friends have inside of them. How do I know that they have this power you might say? Well, I hear it in them, I feel it, I just identify with it when its close to me. Lately, I have had so many interactions with friends that are going through a little something right now. I respect them and feel their struggle. I am also humbled that they came to me for a bit of solace. I do not take that lightly at all.What a joy it is to stand for someone during a down time.

   So I am posting this because I feel that people are forgetting about their own gifts. We can all get jobs and connect to another person's vision. However, we have gifts that are staring us right in our faces that we let go to waste. Each and every day I see an article about someone who has changed someone Else's life with their product, invention, book, or any number of things. I always think to myself, what more can you do? How can you spread your gift to the world even more? Who can I light up and free from the dark in a positive way. The answers that I come up with are very interesting to say the least. I have put some of them into action and they are taking form in this very moment.

   It seems that we live in a culture where people are looking for that quick fix, that magic bullet, that little loophole to push forward. I say, be the loophole, be the magic, be the fix. Every invention that has been exposed to the world has room to be improved, re worked, or even reversed in another direction. The sharing community is booming right now on so many levels. That means that we can share any piece of our knowledge with others and someone will always benefit from it. What are you really good at or passionate about? I guarantee you that there are thousands of people who are out there waiting for you to inspire them. It will be the way that you personally engage with them that will flip the switch and change their direction. I have done it and its magical. The cool thing though, is that I never know that I have done it until a person tells me. So it remains authentic and random. I love it that way.

    Make a list of the things that you do really well. Then make a list of the things that you want to do well. After those lists are finished, take some time to write down what you think is necessary to learn the things that you want to be better at. It could be classes or reading or even hiring a coach. The core of this posting is to not overlook your gifts. Instead of looking for a job, how about creating a way for people to come to you and offer one to you? That's even if you want a job. Listen, those who own businesses are constantly looking for the top of the line people. These people push their dreams further and achieve more because of what they bring to the table. Leverage is a beast that you want tolerant how to tame as soon as possible.So what can you start? What can you get going so that others want to join you? Please think about this. I am here if you need any help at all. I can be reached at afiresign@mac.com. My work is done here. You are closer than you think to greatness. Trust me on this.




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