Oscar Insights

 I love the Oscars. Not so much because I am driven by awards, but because it celebrates the human spirit and highlights some of the most emotional moments in film and those who put it all together. They are one big family and they seem to be rooting for each other. Here are the insights that I came away with tonight:

   The spirit of MLK will probably never die. I love this.

   Music is and always will be timeless.

   Julie Andrews sang those songs 50 years ago and they are still relevant today.

   Lady Gaga is a bullet proof talent that I truly respect.

   People are talking about things like suicide, depression, and respect for each other more than ever.

   Eddie Murphy has not been visibly happy in quite some time, strange.

   Each time that I watch The Oscars, I see myself in a film.

   There were more actors crying this time than any other Oscars that I can remember.

   John Legend and Common are great examples of strong, talented, focused, and solid black men.
   Jennifer Hudson can still sing like a bird in the tress. What an instrument!
   I love to see people who are not nominated but are very revered on the industry in the audience.

   Oprah is still such a trailblazer.

   I am truly moved by "Whiplash" and I have not even seen it.

   Be well...



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