Oscar Insights #2 / Searching For A Sugar Daddy

    I failed to mention yesterday how I loved"The Grand Budapest Hotel" as a movie. I believe it was the only one of two of the films that I had seen, along with "Boyhood." Thins movie was filmed in such a fantasy way. I loved the costumes and the grain of the film and the choices of music and everything. I highly recommend it to you all. It does not matter that it did not win. I also love to watch Michael Keaton on and off film. He seems happy with his life and gracious and engaged. I do no think that having traits such as this in plentiful amounts will ever steer you wrong for the res of your life. I respect him so much for who he is.

    Well, Neil Patrick Harris did it again. He seems to have so much fun and also posses this innate talent for improv and shock as well. If you did not see the show, he came out with his underwear on at one point and that was one of the most daring things that I have seen a male host do ever! That guy was just off the meters and he will be hearing about that for many years to come. He really did a great job. So solid, fluid, and in control.

     I have to make mention of the young man that was caught on camera crying during the musical number with Common, John Legend, and the choir. He was so filled with emotion that he almost made me cry!I was moved by this. You could tell that he was internally affected by how we have gained just a little bit more understanding of certain unjust behavior and wrong doings that will always be in our souls. The song, the singers, the bridge that was erected on the stage, and most of all the memory of MLK was just colossal and very necessary in the grand scheme of things. These are the moneys that got inside of me.

    Now onto the topic that I am sure took you by surprise. I have heard women speak of finding a man to take care of things for them. A man that pays all of the bills and keeps a roof over her head. He usually is not 50 Shades Of Grey handsome, or so it seems. However, these guys do exist, and they are sought after as well. Now it may seem convenient that I am bringing up this topic based on the movie coming out and so forth. The truth however, is that there is no connection to this at all. This comes from a friend of mine actually telling me that this is exactly what she needs right now.

     She called me the other day as she was out with some friends and asked me if I knew of any bars or upscale places where rich men hang out. I was a bit taken aback at first, however, I answered her with at least 4 places that I knew were top scale establishments. The truth of the matter is, you can meet a wealthy person anywhere if you are perceptive and open to it. So what was going to be her bait or her approach to meeting such a man? My gut told me that to attract wealth, you must think, dress, act, and flow like a wealthy person. Then I realized that some wealthy men want a subservient woman who needs them and could not exist without them. So I stopped and just listened as she explained her search.

     I got the feeling after listening that this was more of a cry for help than anything. She was not crying out to me as much as she felt safe with me and knew that she could tap into my resources to get closer to what she wanted. I respect that and that is why I gave her my top locations here in the city. Can the wealthy man smell desperation? Does he want to control a woman like this and elevate her entire life with a snap of his finger? What will he get out of it? Sex? Love? Passion? Arm candy? What drives him to want this? As far as the woman goes , is there just a time when she just wants to lay down and be taken care of? Is it the constant competition of sexier woman and all of the hoopla  that is attached to being with a man? I have a million questions as it relate to this. I believe that the woman of our time is so strong and powerful, that she should not ever need a man to pick up the slack. That is just my compliment to most women that I see in this city. Women have immeasurable talents that just multiply on their own.

      I do believe there is a place for this sort of arrangement. It's the barter system of sex and money. You want money and I want a consistent woman in my life.The rub comes when one side feels a disconnect of sorts or the relationship graduates. That is always the possibility and it is real. There are now sites online were wealthy men seek women daily. They come in telling women that they are wealthy and that they do not want to hide that at all. So now its out in the open. As long as no one gets hurt and nothing illegal is happening, whats the problem? Money and power and sex are still running the world in a large fashion. You and I do not have to consent to it, nor does it need our consent to continue.

      This topic is fascinating to me because I know that behind the scenes it is happening all over the world. It's a bit taboo and a bit non traditional, but its real. How would you feel about a man taking control of your finances completely? Could you feel comfortable about that? Would it relieve you or make you a bit nervous? Just asking to see what the climate if this topic is right now.



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