Money Loves Me / Failure As Your Success

  All I can say is that when you start to pay more attention to your day to day conversations, you will grow even further. I make it a point to look for magic gems in my interactions, so it's a daily sport for me. I am no better than you, I am just really zeroing in on some mind bending stuff! I love to connect with the people that are vibrating on that next level that makes you really stay quiet and listen. As it is said, most of us are just waiting to speak instead of actually listening to what the other person is saying. What a wake up call that is.

   So there I was in the midst of a conversation with a woman that I have not spoken to in at least a few months. She is not from this country, however, she has been here of many years and has a beautiful daughter and was married to a great man. Long story short, I asked her what was making her tingle right now in life? What was her go to action to find bliss? What makes her really happy? Her answer in short was finding way to help people find their power. I don't have to tell you how that affected me now do I? It was a colossal answer to me on so nay levels. I had already known this about her, however, she really drove it home even more this time.

    We brushed over many topics and then we hit a moment when we were speaking about money and how it is a part of our lives. She then said something that made me smile. She said, "Money loves me". What a great combination of words to utter. I mean it was so simple, yet so hard hitting. She explained how everything changed the moment she was truly living her life in her power. Its close to one of my favorite sentences that says, if you help enough people get what they want, you can have anything that you want. I could not agree more. She saw over 50 thousand dollars come into her account in just a few months with very little effort. Just her decisions and her mind. Magnificent!

    Now understand that this woman does not need a lot of money either way. She raises her daughter and travels for seminars and stays focused on what is really important. I believe if we stripped away all the fluff and concentrated on what was really and truly important, we would be left with very few material items and the emotions, ideas, aspirations, and creativity, as well as our family. That is all that we need. I am always inspired by this woman. She never lets me down.

    So as we continued to speak, we spoke of success and how it is not for everyone. If we were all successful, there would be nothing to work for or to aspire to. The field would be equal and there would be no room for growth. To this day there are only about 10 percent of the world who are living lives that are so high level and out of the box that its unfathomable for the average mind. I am not speaking only of financial success either. I am speaking of those who are living life on their own terms and truly making things happen.

    Then she told me not to forget that some people count their failures as success. In other words, those who claim that they are not capable or thin or smart or any number of things that keep them grounded in their current space. When they claim it and they are right, they feel as though they are successful. I mean let's face it, they should get some credit for claiming their mediocrity and maintaining it right? Oh how sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. I apologize. I could have stated that better. I just wrote it that way for shock value. I want people to be in their power. I also can only do but so much to make that happen. I have my own battles daily, that I treat as presents , by the way. It's a cool and interesting ride.

    I just thought that I would hit you with those little gems. I am in a great place today. I feel energized to do all of the things that I have been shelving here and there. I will mentor a young man today on his voice and also work on some private music projects. I have so much to do today and I am on my way to make it all happen. Do what you want to do today. Take a different path. Most of all, do not let anyone sway you into their path of lack or negativity. That club is way too overbooked.
Now go out and eat some of this delicious day. I am down the road.



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