Micro Steps To The Top

  Have you ever seen something develop from very small to absolutely huge in any industry? I mean you yourself actually saw the progress from the beginning until right now? I have seen many things like this and they give me so much joy to say the very least. I remember becoming friends with a guy that makes chocolate here in NY. I met him at an outdoor market one beautiful day near the Brooklyn Bridge. Then I saw him again a few months later at another one. About 6 months later, I was in a high end vegan store and there were those chocolates once again! He is and always was such a humble and kind person and I really vibe well with him. I knew that he would be a success. Cut to the present day. He had chocolate in so many places that I cannot keep track at all. He stuck to it and slowly, it exploded for him. The best part of this story to me is that he became successful with a product that is everywhere and has massive competition. Here is his site FINE AND RAW .Watch the video on the site. It is real and heartfelt. I respect this guy.

   What I am getting at here is that it seems to be that the simple yet consistent things seem to be the ones that push through in the end. I will be the first to admit that I make it complicated in this restless brain of mine on a  regular basis. I am tons better than I was just a year ago. I am making adjustments and little revisions on ideas and thought processes that are changing certain aspects of my life right under my nose. It's almost never the thing that you do quickly and with less effort that make you sparkle. I watch the progress of many artists and business people all over the world. I do not watch them to compare myself, I watch them to glean form them. They have possibly done something that I have not yet. They opened a door that I might be hesitant to push open. Most importantly, they have made some mistakes that I can possibly avoid. That is key.

   I always remind myself that to be better than you are now, it's the little steps that push you forward and out of the status quo. If I meditate a little longer, or walk a little longer, or even read an extra chapter, I am definitely out of the common area. If you don't want to read more or to eat better, or to study more, that is your choice. The rub is, you will become more and more comfortable with being uncomfortable. In so many ways, I feel as though I am starting first grad again. I am committed to being the student more than the ultimate know it all. I would never want to know it all no matter how long I live.

   I dare you to do one thing today that scares the crap out of you. Take a small step just for you today. Don't tell anyone and definitely don't ask for any one's advice on how to do it. Unless of course that person has been where you want to go and can truly be of assistance to you. It's the micro that leads to the macro....................................................................................Are you still here?




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