Another Day To Love And Nothing More

  So here we are at that magical day again. The one that tells you to do a certain thing or a facsimile of it to stay above water with your significant other. I am not going to mention the name of the day because I am not concerned with being looped into the hoopla by allowing trackers to yank me in. Just top be clear, I have no ill feelings about this day, just some strong opinions about it, Anything that involves love or care or gratefulness is for me. This one in particular has blown way out of proportion. I have had this conversation with a few people this week.

   My men, my team, my good soldiers of love! Take back your sanity and just be yourself as much as you possibly can. What if you were told when to eat, when to go to the bathroom, and when to raise your arms up in the air? What if there were no days off of that and you had to listen, would that be fun? I think that you get my point. The real problem is the media. They send us subliminal messages that tell us we will be doomed if we do not compromise and do as we are told. We hear the side comments about what guys didn't do so as not to repeat the same mistakes too. It can get so out of control.

   As far as the ladies, they deserve to be treated well as much as humanly possible. I mean that in a huge way. The door holding, the complimenting, the soothing,listening, patient energy.They deserve all of this. Its just that guys have to make it a point to keep these things flowing like water most of the times, so that days like this don't seem so daunting. I see them standing on line to get flowers with grimaces from hell on their faces and I know that they would pick anywhere else to be but that line in that moment. That is a hint of maximum voltage no matter how you slice it.

   Those simple things are what can really make you the hero. Doing what you feel for your partner is where the magic lies. It is not necessarily time or day specific. To make another happy, just pay attention to them. See what they love. Watch what they don't love. Ask them more questions that concern them and their well being. Go out of your way to make their life easier in consistent ways. You do not need a certain day to do this. You only need to feel it and then do it. By the way, look up the meaning of this day online and prepare to be shocked. Peace and big blessings to you and your loved one.



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