Distractions Of Bliss

  There he was sitting there playing "Papa Was A Rolling Stone," on his little keyboard. He was all alone and people were walking by him every second. I noticed and heard him as soon as I entered the subway. He was smiling and singing his heart out. I immediately reached for a dollar. He had affected me without a doubt. As I got closer to him, he could feel my energy for sure. I stood about 3 feet in front of him and began harmonizing with him. This was not planned at all, but I could not stop it. He smiled even wider, as his eyes got bigger. He could tell that I was a singer too. I wish I could describe the joy that was exchanged in this moment. It was priceless. I dropped a dollar into his box. He put up his fist and pushed it towards me. I met it with mine and then walked on. No words were exchanged.

   About an hour before this, I was walking and whistling the song, "Don't Worry be Happy." I have no idea why I was doing that. I did notice though, that at least 5 people looked at me and smiled as I did this. We were communicating without words. The music had once again connected us and we could not stop it if we wanted to. I tend to sing songs and hum melodies, and so forth quite frequently when I am walking down the street. I love the feeling and it usually just starts without warning. Our energy does transfer to others, it is a fact.

    These moments were awesome distractions of bliss. They were not planned at all, but they made a difference. I live for these moments and I create them as much as possible if they do not show up on their own. It makes me wonder why we fight or hold a grudge, or push negative energy in another person's direction at all, ever. This was is so much easier, so soothing to the soul, so full of happiness. The snow has once again slowed down the city. There is no choice but to take things slower and notice more, if you choose to engage that is. Just a couple of random thoughts and observations that I wanted to share. Warmth and forward motion.



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