Appreciation / Magic To Me

 I have been concentrating more on appreciation lately. Thinking of and reaching out to the people and embracing the things around me that I truly appreciate. It's actually such an easy thing to do, however, it gets overlooked and pushed underneath the carpet most days. I see people all around me getting tested by challenges and people who push them to their limits. This will not go away for anyone, obviously. We will all be tested for the rest of our time here on earth. What is for certain though, is that drenching yourself in the magic that surrounds us and appreciating our breath, our sight, our limbs that allow us to travel around, and our functioning minds is an absolute must.

  I was thinking about the things that matter to me that I also appreciate so very much and this is what I came up with. These things are magic to me:

Venice, Italy

Myconos, Greece

My mother's scent.

The beach in Grand Cayman.

The corner of 23rd and Broadway in NYC.

A fresh sheet of paper to write on.

Mailing a handwritten letter.

ABC Carpet and Home In NYC.

Riding the subway alone for a few stops on an empty train.

The smell of freshly baked bread as you pass by a bakery.

My two truly unique fathers.

The Gregory Porter cd entitled Liquid Spirit

The sound of bare fingers on my jazz guitar.

Camper shoes.

Pinterest knowledge

Foreigners who have created entire businesses in NYC and are successful.

The lokai bracelet.

Taking photos with my manual cameras.

Drinking fresh juice.

Writing lyrics that just pour out with no effort.

A strong yet soft hand.

Being spoken to while maintaining direct eye contact.

Seth Godin


Walking through Central Park on any day in any season.

Kundalini yoga

  So what about you? Do yourself a favor and make a magic list today. You can write on anything and you can do it anywhere. If you write a magic list and send a picture of it to my email (, I will send you a gift either through snail mail or email. Which ever you choose will dictate what I send to you.This applies to anyone in the world. I will see who responds as a little game. Have a great day!! I appreciate you being here..



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