When They Called On You

   There are times in life when something is needed,
   A special thing that must be done.
   It requires detail, passion, and strength.
   A certain race that must be won.

   So they rack their brains to see who fits.
   They have to push away the norm.
   The task at hand is far from easy.
   This note must blow from a certain horn.

   There are people everywhere its true.
   They are surely adept at a thing or two.
   But they were clear, they knew what they were doing.
   When they cleared the way and called on you.

   What you have no one else can claim.
    If they could, it would just be called "same".
    You are a diamond in the rough
    To mirror you sure would be tough.

   There is a reason that you shine so uniquely.
   The way that you glow inside so discreetly.
   You really have nothin to prove.
   It is clear why they did when they called on you.

   Yes, others are different, and walk with some grace.
   They maneuver around and hide to save face.
   However you slice it, I know that it's true.
   They were very clear when they called on you.



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