The Writing Of A Song

   I have written quite a few songs and they have been kept undercover for the most part, out side of a few that are online. Today the concept of what it really means to me has been knocking my cranium in a big way. Think about what would happen if all of your most intense or most enjoyable moments in life could be made into a song? You wouldn't have to do anything. You would just be hooked up to a machine and it would measure the vibrations of your heart and siphon the words connected to it from your brain. Would that not be some next level madness? Obviously, that is not how it works.

   There are so many songs in me that want to shoot out like the sprinklers at Yankee stadium. They come from years ago up until the present moment and they are rich in so many ways. So, why do I write about this you may be asking? Because its time and I could not help but to write about it and to get it out in the open. Its funny how we have our people that we tell certain things to in our lives. They are there for us and they listen and give their 2 cents when necessary. Songs just come out and they really don't have anything or anyone to bounce off of if you think about it. You could let anyone hear a song that you have written, and they have to feel how they feel about it. It hits them and a reaction ensues without warning.

    Most songs seem to come from hurt or loss, however, many come from happiness and victory as well. My focus is to concentrate on stories that were the most vivid and the most teaching. I really have so many that it almost seems over whelming at times. The great thing is that sometimes the music comes before the words. Other times its the words before the music. Either way, it comes out because it has no choice. The inner fire has to be released in one way or another. We really don't get to choose what vehicle it decides on. For example, I wrote a song for a friend who passed away a few years ago on guitar. I did not come up with the melody by going note by note. I focused on the emotion and the tones came out in about an hour. I still remember that day. I could not have planned that.

    In closing, I am showing up at my instruments more and more. They sound better when they are played more. I wipe them down, keep them in tune, and most of all, appreciate them. When I do all of these consistently, music that I really feel connected to rears its head. Pairing words to music is much like pairing a shirt to a pair of pants. You know it when it fits just right, and you know it when it feels extremely uncomfortable. Sometime you just want to wear just the shirt or just the pants too.

   I had yet another song idea today. I recorded it into my voice memo and I am confident that I will revisit it shortly. There is no guarantee that it will completely take flight at all. The good news though, is that I heard it from the inside and it allowed me to capture it. I have been bruised, pushed aside, loved, unloved, surprised, taken advantage of, and silenced. All of these emotions will make it into countless songs to come. Get your head phones and speakers ready. Oh yes, I forgot to ask, do you have a song in you that you need to get out? Do it. It will make you so very happy. Trust me.



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