The Greeting Changes Everything

   Recently, I have noticed that many more stores here in NYC have placed greeters in their foyers. I love this more than I can say. There is just something about someone saying hello to you when you enter a store. They usually have a smile on their face and they usually are stationed there to do it again and again all day. The first place that I remember it affecting game quite strongly was Anthropologie. I love this store for so many reasons. Its just real and it has items in it that seem to speak to the most earthy and natural part of us. I have not heard too many guys say that they like this store, however, I stick to my statement. I could probably write a while posting on that store. Maybe I will do that later in the year.

   Yesterday I was going into a well know tea and coffee place her in NYC called Argo. Theses another one of my favorite places to visit. I love the aesthetic and the teas are just delicious. They have a coffee cup that they give you to go that is pure art, by the way. Anyhow, I walked into the store and there was a guy to the immediate right playing acoustic guitar! I had never seen this before, so I asked when did this start? They told me that he just comes in and plays for free a couple of days a week. I got a kick out of that. They don't have to pay him, he has a tip jar, and everyone benefits from the music. So many other places could benefit from this model. I spoke to him, gave him a dollar, and inquired about this guitar and amp, which were both very attractive looking and sounding.

    I then approached the counter and 2 girls greeted me like they had just one a million dollars. I thanked them for such a grand greeting, asked their names, and proceeded to order a warm drink. They thanked me for saying what I said, I asked a few questions about some of the items, and I was just really impressed with the whole experience. I will be writing the company online and giving them both grand accolades. I know it will make a difference and they deserve it. I challenge you to look for someone during your day today or tomorrow that exceeds your expectations in any way. Then take some time to get their name and compliment them on the company website or send a letter into the store. We spend so much time complaining about the injustices and not enough time celebrating those who make the day easier for us.

    In short, when we are recognized for doing well, the glow lasts longer than you might think. Give it a try, you will feel your share of bliss too. I promise. Be well.



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