The Factor Of Time


Isn't it strangely peculiar how time has a way of having its way with you when you do not plan properly? Anything can happen in life, even when you plan. However, the best planners that I have ever met have a plan within their plan and they make it happen no matter what it is. I am specifically referring to getting somewhere at a particular time to begin a particular activity. We have all been there and we will all probably be there again in due time.

   Today I was all geared up for my second day of Kundalini this year and all of the pistons were seemingly in order. My clothes were all set, my bag was light, and I had a warm coat on. Walked briskly to the subway and I was in control of my day. Then I had to wait about 25 minutes for the train. I knew that I would not be on time for the class, so I turned around and went back home to tackle my next task of the day. In some situations, I would have gotten on the train anyway, just to say that I showed up. Its just that in this instance, I was preoccupied with disturbing the class and not honoring a full practice form the very beginning until  the very end. I made sure that I was not too hard on myself for not going, and I also let myself know that I should have created a bit of a cushion for the weekend train schedule. Done, noted, onward.

    I have been on the other end of this equation and it requires more concentration and patience to get through for sure. When someone expects you to be at a certain place at a certain time and you are not, it can hurt the entire operation or team. It happened to me just a few days ago actually. A group of people were supposed to be in a certain venue and they were late. They were very late. Here's the thing that really brings it all home. How you handle it in that moment sets the climate for the future. If you blow your top at that very moment, you damage the team and the lesson is delivered in a harsh fashion. If you wait until later, it can be relayed in a smooth yet stern flow, and you can get your point across much better. All of this is easier said than done most times. This time I did it smoothly.

    Have you ever noticed the sensation that you get in your bones when you are truly and fully committed to being on time for a specific thing? For example, the flight that is taking you on your summer vacation? What about the meeting that you are going to have with your boss to discuss your promotion? Maybe even the date that you are about to go on with that spectacular man or woman? I love to watch a passionate person turn on the focus and make it happen. Many times we are not on time because the reason we are going to said destination does not excite us at all. Then what happens you ask? Everything that can possibly happen to slow us down magically shows up.

   I went on a little bit of a tangent about this concept, however, I think that you get my drift. One of the things that I am being really mindful of right now is doing things way ahead of schedule. I love the time that it affords on the back end. Prioritizing is one of my favorite things to work on. We all have a slew of things that are just frontline to us each and everyday. They are not always the same things, but we know exactly what they are and we feed them like monkeys at the zoo.

   I had a very harsh lesson handed to me a few weeks ago. I took out some videos from the library that were 7 day rentals. I had more than enough time to watch them, but I didn't. They were not frontline priority, so they fell through the proverbial cracks. I did get to watch one on the day I returned them though, slight correction. Heres the kicker though, I now owe the library $50 for not bringing either of them back on time. The videos are back and the fine will be paid promptly. I could have done many productive things with that money. The bottom line though, is that the money was used to remind me never to do that again in this life, ever. Did I see the due date on the video? Yes, I did. Did I know the fine for not bringing back on time? No, the fine did not matter to me, because I was not going to bring it back late. Costly lessons are there for a reason right?

    So there it is, time not managed properly will remind you of its presence. I laughed when I saw how much money I owe the library. Then I said to myself, well, there definitely has to be rules. If you loaned anything of value to someone that you trust for a set amount of time for free, would you be a bit salty if they held it much longer? I am guessing yes, depending on the situation. Time. So much of it to do good things and prosper and so many distractions to push you in the complete opposite direction if you let it. I am clear now. May time treat you well today. Actually, may you monitor and control your time as you see fit to your maximum delight. My work is done here.


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