The Compliment Sandwich

   My mother is a fascinating woman. I say that, not because she gave birth to me, but because the lessons and examples that she provides are never ending. I mean really never ending. She is a trough of interpersonal lessons through interactions. I have been listening and watching her for years. If I blog about those lessons, they would make you smile. We all have learned so much from our parents either directly or indirectly. It is a thing of beauty.

   So we are on the phone today talking about random things, mostly family related. The other phone rings a few times and she politely asks me to hold one while I can hear her greeting the people who are calling. Then one person calls and she greets them with the sentence, " 60 and fabulous!" I thought to myself, hmmmm, who could that be? Then I realized it was that person's birthday on the other line, a woman. My mother chose to begin the call with a compliment from the first sentence. I loved hearing that, then I realized that I had done that as well on a few occasions. It was a great moment. I did not mention to her how cool it was to hear this. I just took it in and smiled.

   The call was very short as she told her that she just wanted to wish her a happy birthday, and that she wanted to bring her some Jamaican breakfast, but something had gotten in the way. She spoke with such lightness and warmth and positivity, that any one on the other end would have felt like the king or queen of the world. I waited patiently for her to finish her short, but truly spectacular wishes to her good friend. Then she did something unexpected, she pulled away from the conversation the same way that she went into it. She bid her friend goodbye by calling her 60 and fabulous again! She never said her name as I remember. It was truly classy and unique.
   In the end, I have discovered a new catch phrase that I will incorporate into my life more often called, "The Compliment Sandwich." Begin the conversation with a positive statement or name for the person and end it with one as well. How can you go wrong with that if you do it with an authentic heart and expect nothing in return? I am not sure how you can? This was my magic today. It's always those small things that seem to make such an impact, wouldn't you agree?

   The words and the emotions that we release from our mouths are always so crucial to others. There is no doubt about that. I know that woman was smiling when my mother said those things to her. That was a great moment and what a classy and regal woman my mother is. I hope that this reached you in one way or another and you can use it in your life. Keep on pushing forward with love.



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