The Best Of Us

  How often to do give people the best of us? It sounds like a question that doesn't really need to be answered doesn't it? Why would you not give the best of yourself at all times? My quick answer is that it puts us in a vulnerable situation at times. If you expose that you are open and blessed and abundant, some people will possibly feel less than. Sometimes, you are expected to do more because you are more and so forth. There are also other times that you mask the best of you, only to have it come out when you least expect it. We wind up showing our true selves no matter how hard we try. This has been my experience.

   I smile when I think about this topic because I realize that I am the best that I have ever been right now. I say that because I have had so many experiences that have brought me here. I am not dead because of them, I am stronger and a bit keener. I am always learning. I am never the expert, always the student. There are so many experiences that I have yet to come into contact for certain. Many people have spoken to me about experiences that they have had in the past. They file them in this kind of "been there done that" vibe. I find that it's never that way. You've been there and done that with "that" person. Someone always puts a twist on a pre-existing message or lesson. That always causes me to remain open and aware.

   All the screw ups and let downs are behind us. We cannot change them, rewrite them, or show up differently through them. I find myself asking what would have happened if I had done this? Then I say, its too much to really know for sure. Too many factors, too many words,not enough energy to bring that possibility to the light. Staying in my present is one of my greatest tools and it never lets me down unless I forget to use it. I do forget to use it from time to time, by the way. It's so easy to go where you have already been and justify it by predicting what will happen. Predicting failure is not powerful. It will never empower you. These are my lessons.

    At this point of our lives, we know so much. We know what we like and what we do not. We know how we like to be treated and how we will not accept being treated. We know about certain repeat offenders that attempt to get into our epicenter to do that thing that they did before as well. Lastly, we all know that we are responsible for our actions, plain and simple. So why are we in trouble in our minds or in our bodies? That is the question that begs our attention more and more. I write this blog not because I have all the answers. I write it because I have an abundance of questions and a tenacity to seek out the answers like a bloodhound searching for a dead body in the forest. Anyone can decide to be that person.

    I say to keep giving people the best of you until they prove that they are not interested or not worthy of your time. It happens quickly with some people, as we see. It's so much more fulfilling to be the gorgeous peacock out in the open grass, than it is be the quiet and incognito recluse that is afraid of contact, exposure, or getting hurt. You deserve to breathe and flow and inspire just as much as the next person. Give the best of you consistently and the things that happen are miraculous. People will make you feel that it's a mistake more than they will embrace it for the most part. But think about it. What's better for the psyche? You showing up fully and losing a few people along the way? Or you playing it safe and being hurt, manipulated, or led by another's plight who then drops you like a hot coal? Isn't it better to captain your own jetliner? Thanks for reading. Remember to place your mask on before helping anyone else. I think you get by point. Abundance and light to you.




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