Shining A Light Into A Dark Area

  Are you scared of something right now?
  Why are you scared of it?
  If you don't rise above it, are you scared of what others will say?
  Can it be conquered with the help of someone else?

  Who is the one person that could help you?
  Have you called them yet? If not why?
  We are all so similar that its uncanny.
  Do you think that there is not a soul who knows how you feel right now? You are wrong.

  Does it seem like there couldn't be anything else that could go wrong right now?
  Trust me, there are so many more things that could go wrong, only they haven't thus far.
  You are not as down and out as you think you are.
  You are being led to believe that you are weak and helpless, but you are the complete opposite.

   I wrote these words specifically for you, although I will not reveal your name.
   You inspire others and they look to you for the fire that pushes them forward almost daily.
   Your love and intelligence is unlimited and authentic in every way.
   The past is behind you and you can claim the present moment to do as you please.

   There is nothing that is more important than the present moment.
   Within the walls of this mental playground, you can manifest all that you desire.
   You do not need to be understood by anyone.
   You only need to step up to your own misleading fears and push them aside.

    Everything starts and ends at the perfect time.
    When something is coming to a close, just allow it.
    It's not possible to interfere with a path that has already been decided upon.
    Your greatest tool is to be grateful for how much you have contributed to each soul and flow.

     I support you in your silent struggle. I love you.



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