Random Info Update / Kundalini Day 3

   So many random, yet interesting pieces of information ran through my head today. I saw yet another woman walking and crying at the same time and I wondered if I should ask her if I could help her or not. I let her go because my gut told me that there was nothing that I could do. Was that the right choice? I think yes, because the gut is about 97% right in my book. Then I heard an exchange between two people that I thought was very interesting. One person was talking to another and he was talking about the whole dilemma in Paris that happened recently. He felt the need to say that he had worked with many people from France in the past, namely finance people. He then went on to say that they are some of the most difficult people on the planet to work with. Then out of nowhere, a woman told him that American people are not easy either, they just fail to admit it most times. These people did not know each other, nor were they speaking to each other prior to this moment. A hush came over the room and not another word was uttered. That was a moment  I will not forget.

   I read some great personal development today by an author that I highly respect named John C. Maxwell. In the chapters that I read he delivered some sound advice that is still ringing in my ears. He wrote that true leaders walk around with change in their pockets. However, when they make bad decisions or lead wrongfully, they have to give that change away to their people. So if they keep leading in a poor fashion, they find them selves bare, with nothing in their pockets to spend. This leaves them in a place of non leadership. This story applies to a leader that I know in my life right now and the information was right on point. I also read 2 chapters from my Amanda Palmer book. If you do not know who this is, please google her. Actually, you can just click HERE . This is her TED talk that upset and inspired millions of people all at the same time. I mentioned her in another post a while back, but she is worth every second to watch it again or for the first time if you have not seen it. What a serious game changer this woman is.

   Lastly on the random info stuff. I came face to face with yet another homeless person tonight. I offered him some good food that I had as leftovers. He did not take it because he wanted a cheeseburger. I told him that the food was delicious and that he would love it. He  told me again that  just wanted a cheeseburger. I shook his hand and wished him well. He put his fist out to bump against mine as a sign of respect and thanked me kindly. I walked away thinking, yes, beggars can truly be choosers. In a strange sort of way, I loved that he wanted what he wanted and was not afraid to ask for it directly. I suppose that I could have gotten him a cheeseburger. Just to further be an advocate of the phrase, "Ask and you will receive". It just was not the right vibration for me. Also, I was already underground. I know this topic is very random. I need to flow like this from time to time. Thanks for hanging in there while I flow.

   So it was my third kundalini class of the year today. The class was small again as usual. There were about 7 people in the class. I say this because all other yoga classes that I have taken in other styles have been full about 80% of the time. This of course varies based on the times of day. The truth is, this style of yoga is a bit challenging on the mind and body. It forces you to come face to face with what you may be running or shying away from. You use parts of your body in ways that you normally do not. It rings your body out and gives it new life. The theme, or kriya, for today had to do with ego eradication and trust. We did things like place our hands above our shoulders high above us and breathe heavy like a panting dog. We laid on our backs while placing our hands under our butts, while making scissor shapes with our extended legs. We even chanted some very soothing mantras and placed our hands into some mudras that can literally be life changing if done with consistency.

   I was fighting my body when the movements got difficult, I stopped and started a few times, but I did not give up. At one point in the class, I even thought that I was going to cry. I mentioned this in a prior posting and it was very cleansing and very revealing too. Today was not that day though. I was happy to be in the room and struggling a bit here and there. I am certain that there is a clear reason why this style of yoga has size ably less people in its rooms on a consistent basis. It pushes you way outside of your comfort zone. Almost in a way that seems uncomfortable. However, the benefits are triple fold. I will be going more regularly for sure. It was a good class with lots of reminders of spiritual and physical growth that is on the way. Thank you for being here.

    Sending you all light and prosperity...                  



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