Put On Your Status Quo Cap And Blend

   This title pretty much says it all. I have had some conversations lately that have made this crystal clear. When you are going against the grain, you are more so than not seem as a threat. There was a passage in a book that I am reading right now that speaks to this concept as well. We are truly not trained to color outside of the lines from the time that we are born. It's just obey, do not answer back, and do not change the system that already exists. If you can do this successfully for a lengthy period of time, you can keep your status quo position.

   Here is the other side of this equation, you always have a choice to veer off to another path that could possibly soothe you beyond belief. How do we know how and when to do this? For me, it's when the shoes that you previously wore without any pain, become tight like saran wrap over leftovers after Thanksgiving. I know some of you women out there that wear shoes that are tight, yet sexy times ten. However, that is something that I cannot connect with because I am not a woman. I respect the dedication to fashion though. My point is this, comfortable shoes will allow you to walk, jump, run, and even stretch wider than you can imagine. The fit is essential. If you do not change your shoes, blisters form, cramps occur in your ankles, and you do not want to walk any more.

   I was talking to a friend who attempted to explain to me why a company pays less money specifically to a musician in certain situations. His basic premise was that when the top decides that they want to make more money, they can arbitrarily cut your rate and pay you what they like. He went on to say that it's not about the quality, its about the bodies, and creating the mood that the client wants. In short, mediocrity can still win on most nights. I was not in favor of this point of view at all. I respect this guy as a musician and a friend. He is one of the most incredible musicians that I play with and that will never change. My only issue was that the status quo had forced him to swallow the potion.

    Why don't people get upset with Burburry's, Mercedes, or Persol for charging such insane prices? In my opinion, it's because they all stand their ground and deliver the top quality that is possible. So why would everyone not aspire to do this? The answer is obvious right? Number one, not everyone wants it. Number two, not everyone can work that hard and be comfortable. Number three, we all can't be overachievers. We need the bottom so that we can recognize the top. If you accept mediocre, there will always be many people that will link up with you. The effort that it takes to do so is well within all or our reach.

    Blending keeps us safe, yet stagnant. The status quo was not built to be tampered with in any way. So when its challenged, people get a bit nervous. I have been tingling with grand scale ideas and so many aha moments. None of these ideas fit the status quo, not even one. They all push the boundaries and open up a while different reality for me in many ways. My status quo cap is no longer functional and I have lost the urge to blend. Can I get a what, what!!!!!!




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