Phone Up Face Down

  Just so you know, this post was about to be named iPhone Up Face Down. But then I thought, even though the iPhone dominates the phone world, it's not the only phone in existence. So you can probably clearly see where I am about to go. Wherever you go on NYC, the phone are up and peoples heads are down. Now first let me say this, I have been guilty of this many times before, but I decided to change that. It's not because I am better than you or any one's in this city, its just because I realize that I am missing life. Little by little and bit by bit, we have become more and more disconnected from interacting with others. Now anyone who knows me knows that I engage with others anywhere that I go. It's a sport for me and I have watched my parents do it magnificently since the day I was born. I actually remember it. I cannot tell you how that is possible, but it's true.

   Any person that is in NYC for even one day will confirm the fact that the phones are blocking our contact with one another. People are running into each other, but not that kind of contact. They are checking out while they are on the street. Its very much like texting and driving, people are getting hit and people are dying because of it. I am not saying that people are dying on the street, I am saying that people are missing each other because whats on the little screen is blocking them. I watch it all of the time and I am noticing the affect that it has over the city. I am sure that your city has this as well wherever you are. It's something that we can all control if we give it a little bit more attention.

   So what do I do differently now that I don't want to text or search the Internet while walking? I sit on a bench, stop and put my back up against the nearest wall, or just stand by the sidewalk and take care of what I need to do. I did this yesterday and guess what happened? A person ran into me that was texting and not watching where they were going! Is that funny or what? You can't stop that from happening most times, not in this city anyway. I have to pay more attention and make sure that I move to a clear area. It was still funny though.

   I have come to realize that most of the things that are popping on the phone are not as important to answer right away and distract us from our lives. I take a little more time and I go a little bit slower when I am moving down the street. This a great town that I love more than I can say. The people move fast, the stores are plentiful, the energy is electric, and the vibe is spectacular. We all have to do what we need to navigate it properly and smoothly. The phone is a major contributor to the break down of our interpersonal connections. I want to do my part and maybe create a little more space and maybe make a little bit more connection with others. It can be done and it feels great. Be well.



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