On This Day Of MLK


   This day gives me pause. Here was a man who stepped forward to voice his opinions at a time that it was very much so unpopular to do so with such conviction. I would even go further and say that he knew that he could be brought to his death sooner than later, but he did it anyway. I think of how it must have been to walk around have to use specific parts of public places and to not be able to enter other places at all. How insane it must have been to be identified purely by the color of your skin? In truth, I wish that we could say that this mentality has vanished, but it has not. I can say though, that we are more aware and that more options are everywhere. The world has changed enough to notice that what was once seemingly impossible, is now possible.

   I dug deeper to find out more about this man when I woke up this morning. I do this quite frequently when I am moved by the strength in people. I have actually researched MLK at different times of the year and I always find new things. I found out that he tried to commit suicide after his grandmother died when he was 12. He was arrested almost 30 times while making every effort to defend the civil rights of his people. Did you know that MLK was the youngest person ever to receive The Nobel Peace Prize when he was 35? That has since been eclipsed by a 17 year old recently, however, it still matters. When he won the 54 or so thousand dollars, he donated it all to the movement of civil rights. That is focus and dedication. He had a vision and he put his whole being into it. My favorite fact, as I am a musician, is that MLK won a grammy! I had no idea! He won it in the year of my birth for the Best Spoken Word Album, entitled " Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam." That is a great fact.

   So I think of the things that are going on today in the world and I wonder if people need some more reminding of how far we have come? There are still many angry people in this world who feel that they must fight, kill, and create havoc to get their points across. In my mind, we are smarter, stronger, have more access, and more resources to that which can lead us all to more peace in every way. However, that is just my viewpoint and there are certainly many to juggle. I am not speaking of black or white, I am speaking of love and the absence of love. If you break it down to this, the world makes a little bit more sense. If you are feeling that you are making a difference and you can see it, many things can happen, However, if you are not feeling that you are loved or important at all, you will generally not act in that fashion either. There are many people like this in the population.

    To celebrate one man's accomplishments is moving and full of lessons for sure. To take his words, teachings, and emotions and transform them into a new lifestyle, paradigm, or credo, is magic. I will once again listen to his famous speech that will be heard around the world many times today as it is every year throughout the year. I will listen carefully to see if there is even more that I can glean form it. I love the fact that what he did proves that one man or woman can make a difference. I wonder how he would have felt to be at the inauguration for Obama. What would they have said to each other? Would MLK have cried a little bit and experienced a sort of victorious lightness about himself? I wonder, I truly wonder. There are thousands of MLK-like souls walking the earth right now. They are quiet and most probably waiting for that right moment to speak their true message. There are so many examples of what can happen when we break through our fears, Some are good some are not. Risk is an unavoidable component of life. At some point we all come face to face with it.

    I praise MLK for stepping out and exposing his heart, soul, and emotion. I work at that every day. It bruises some at times and soothes others. It does not require a group to follow your lead, however, it sure helps when they do. Standing alone for a cause takes truckloads of passion and resilience. WE all have it in us, it just has to be exposed. This is where the tall order exists. Have a great day or evening everyone. You are worthy of magnificence. Why you may ask? Because "you" said so.

                                                                                            Onward and upward,



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