Not Wanting To Look Bad


  This topic is one of my all time favorites of my life. I have never met a person who has not dealt with this in all of my years! It comes up because I had a friend message me and tell me that he would do a certain thing if he doesn't have a chance of looking bad. His exact words I believe were, "Yeah, I'll do this but I don't want to mess anything up and I don't want to look bad." I listened to the message and I took a few deep breathes knowing full well that his request was self induced. I think you hear where I am going with this.

   We all have a standard that we want to match up to in this life. The problem with that, in my opinion, is when the standard that we want to match up to, is an exterior person or simply the opinions of others. Each and every time I felt myself not wanting to look bad in this life, I knew that the feeling was coming from the wrong place. I can admit that from the depths of my soul. I have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. I know exactly what it feels like to not be accepted or not feel as though I looked my greatest at a particular time. The real truth though, is that I cannot live up to any ones standards but my own. Now if I am auditioning for something, then its on them. I am referring to life in general at this time.

   I stand by the statement that if you claim it or call upon it, the universe will provide it for you. So when you say that you do not want to look bad, the universe sends it's"looking bad soldiers" directly to you,so that you can make your entrance properly. That has been my experience and I have watched it from afar many times over. When I worked on the ship, I would see passengers go right to the front desk for sea sick pills while we were in port! The ship had not even moved yet! Guess what? They all got sick and they hated every minute of it. I got sick at first, until I realized that I could just lay on my n=bed and let it rock me to sleep. I refused to let it control me after a while. I had to perform shows while the ship moved about. True story.

    When we step up to something that scares us or we are afraid is going to make a fool of us, a new quadrant opens up in our brain whether we conquer it or not. That is my favorite reward from being brave or fearless. You look bad when you say you do and not a moment sooner. I slipped on some ice a few months ago in midtown. I did not fall, but it caused a few snickers. I quickly shouted out, " I'll be here and there all week!"In that instant, looking bad turned into being funny and I went on with my day. I could not tell you one face that saw me do that little dance that I would remember again in a line up. You get my point?

    In closing, if you choose to not do something because it might make you look bad, just remember that not doing it won't ever make you look good later on either. We are all on a journey of uncertainty in one way or another. Those people that ran in the Boston marathon that were greeted with bombs at the end had no idea that they would endure such an event. However, how many of them did not run the race because they didn't want to look bad running from a bomb at the finish line? Can you smell what I am cooking? Our greatest failures can turn out to be the precursors to our most spectacular victories. I have looked bad many times in this life. How do I know that I looked bad? I was not happy with what I brought to the table. So, I decided that I came up short. It is never any one Else's decision but yours. When it becomes another person's opinion that knocks you off course, then you should immediately look inside and check your internal GPS. You may need new batteries. I'm out.




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