Life As "You" Know And Feel It

  We all have perspectives in this life. Can you say that yours is right or wrong with absolute sureness? The correct answer is, no. Ah, but is that how I see that question or how it really is? Do you follow me? Take for example if a person that you care about tells you that they cannot do something or cannot meet a certain deadline, or something along those lines. Do yo step in with your reality and rescue them by telling them that they are more powerful than they think? Rent they entitled to navigate that situation to the best of their abilities? Tough question right?

   One person can see the world as ropey as the spring, while the next person can feel that life is hard and full of disappointment. We all make a choice each and everyday on how we will view the world and our surroundings. When you make that choice, those around you begin to see you that way. Some people will even decide that they will be too challenged to spend time with you. So they avoid you, stop answering your calls, or even worse, tell you that you cannot be in their life at all. A couple of these have happened to me and  have had to deal with it in the best way possible. It all boils down to expectation in my opinion.

   How can we make a smooth transition with someone even when we do not see things the same way. Both parties are passionate about their viewpoints and they have a great reason why as well. To embrace an other's point of view without push back is rare. It takes patience, compassion, and presence. I was in the company of a conversation a few days ago where one person made a statement that was extremely one sided and the other person stated that they were not at all in agreement with their point view. I wanted to see what would happen, so I just watched and listened. They both stood their ground. However, the person who did not agree backed away after just saying a few things that made total sense and then moved on to another topic. I loved it.

   So this is a short post. I had this on my mind. I am committing to doing much better with this topic. We all have different opinions, yet we can all support each other just enough to make it all right at the end of the day. But hey, that's just my point of view too. This is my blog and these are just my words. It could all be false to you and that is perfectly fine. I got your back. Peace



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