Kundalini Day 4 / 18 Percent Suggested

  There is just something to be said for things that challenge your current mindset. Life generally does not stay the same no matter who you are or how you slice it. This kundalini practice is the thing that gives me so many signals about my mind and body. I had a small conversation with the instructor before class. We spoke about Bikram yoga and how different it is. She was very quick to let me know that most humans would rather know what was coming up next and how hard they will have to push themselves. That does not exist in kundalini. Each day that I walk into that class, my mind and body are caught off guard.

    Part of today's class had to do with balancing the different hemispheres of the brain and leaving certain things behind you. I took that to mean, not reliving the past. I also say next to a special friend of mine that I had not seen in almost a year. My mind had actually put for energy that she would be at class tonight. She came in late while my eyes were closed during one mantra. I saw her out of the corner of my eye shortly after. It was truly mind boggling. She could have come to any class that day, but she was at that one.

     There were certainly some challenging parts of the class. At one point, we were on our backs and we were told to raise one leg at a 40 degree angle, while the other is held at 60 degrees. Then we were instructed to move both of them in small circles at the same time. This was all core muscles. She made it clear that if your were having trouble with this, it meant that you are a little bit out of balance and that your body needed some alignment. Actually, I believe she said that you are a bit out of sorts in your mind as well. I find that the upper body exercises seem to fatigue me quickly. I will conquer this. I am committed to it.

       Lastly, I forgot to mention that she said something very poignant at the beginning of class. She made a comment that we were spaced so far from each other on the floor. I hadn't noticed, because I tend to be about 10 feet from the teacher most times. But what she said, got my attention. Basically, she said to be careful not to push too far away from things or people. She explained that when you do, you are actually pushing closer to them. I equated that to not wanting something to happen so much, that it happens. Energy begets energy. It does not discriminate as to what kind. You decide and it usually happens. I happen to think that people just want to have space to navigate while practicing. The class today seemed twice as long at one point. All mental on my part, for sure.

        So let's tackle this 18% tipping rule. I have waited tables many times and I have never been comfortable with this rule. It's like telling someone how much to love you, no matter how they act towards you. Gratuities are earned based on graciousness and performance. So to say that you are taking it based on the number of butts in the seats, seams so twisted to me. This is just one man's viewpoint. I made the most tips when I told the table that I would serve them to the best of my ability and that I would not tell them how much to tip at the end. It just seemed more courteous and humane to me. On a side note, I was at a place last week that charged a 15% gratuity on every table. They put the grand total at the top of every check. I did not see it on the menu until the check came. However, they treated us so well that I had no problem at all with it. As a matter of a fact, after explaining to me that the staff were paid in a salary, it all made sense. I had never seen this in an American restaurant. It was a Japanese restaurant in America, to be clear.

        What if the rule was reversed? What if you only had to pay 18% of the full price if you were not served properly from start to finished in any service based business? Can you imagine how much that would heighten every one's behavior on all levels? We all are entitled to bad day her and there. However, when you are serving others, they deserve the best of you. So if I am paying for service, but it doesn't arrive, should I still have to pay? If you bought a pair of shoes online and your card got charged, would you be a bit concerned if a box of cotton balls were inside when you opened the box?
I think you hear me loud and clear. I respect servers, I truly do. However, in order for them to get a juicy tip, the service should be beyond deliberate and intentional. Don't you agree? I am over and out.



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