Inner Voices Speaking Truths


    I have said it so many times before as it has been said to me, listen to your gut. Just today I was on the train and a woman was about to sit down and the train jerked forward. My gut told me to reach out both of my arms and catch her or she would fall. I did that without hesitation. My arms seemed to move before my mind gave the green light. A young woman next to me smiled and told me that was a nice and quick reaction. I agreed and felt good about it. The strange , yet interesting thing about it was that the woman never looked at me, thanked, me, or anything. Honestly, I did not need it either. I did what I felt to do in the moment and I accepted it fully. Had she fallen, I would have felt just a tad bit responsible.

   The same inner voice is telling me to make certain business decisions and to be true to my calling of building leaders and linchpins within my organization that can carry the baton further than I can in the future. To link up with those who have an even stronger work acumen than I do. To open new passages that most people would run from right away. I am in that zone right now. It's fascinating how right your gut can be. It makes no sense to challenge it because you can never have a rewind. You can't try it one way and then switch it up when you see that you should have done the opposite in a crucial situation. That's what creates our thick skin that allows us to soldier on differently the next time. Good decisions feel great and bad decisions can spark even greater things in the future as well.

   So what happens when you feel something that others do not? Is it wise to stay put in your private thinking and ignore the masses or another person that you respect? My personal feeling is that you must. What's comfortable for you is the exact opposite of what is good for the next man or woman, most times.So we tend to beat ourselves up for things said and done to people when in reality, we are following a path that is going to be best for us. We can never really know the future, but we know the present. I believe that the present is full of presents. I read that somewhere I am sure.

   In closing, I would like to say that some of the voices that we hear in our minds were trained by us to shout loudly and repeat the things that we do not want to hear. Even I had to read that last sentence again for clarity. So listen to your inner voice and allow it to guide you and not hurt or mislead you. If it is misleading you, then you know it's not the right voice at all. You are worthy and you deserve the best. Yes, you reading this blog. All is in the right order in this very moment. Ciao



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