Harsh Truths

We cannot be all things to all people.
We can never know what someone is truly thinking.
The best of us can take a beating from time to time and bring out the worst in us.
Most people don't respect others because most people don't respect them. 
Continual kindness always pays off in the end. 
There is no way to make everyone happy, no matter how careful we try to be.
We have met thousands of people in our lifetime. Those who matter the most cannot be forgotten.
If we continually doubt ourselves, others will follow suit.
Just because you view someone as more successful than you , doesn't mean that they are happier.
Money does not change everything.
Love is not unconditional. There are always conditions.
Inspiring someone without actually knowing that you did until they tell you is magical.
Giving away that which you love the most is truly powerful.
The words that leave your mouth in a negative way will always be recorded by the receiver of them.
When you accomplish something that seems impossible, you grow another layer of faith.
Those who continually speak bad about others, very rarely like themselves that much. 
When you go without love for too long, it can become unrecognizable when it finally arrives.
Hearing someone ask if they can do something for you is still foreign to most people.
If you are loving fully, there is very little time for ridicule or hate.
You don't need a good reason to smile. The smile can exist on its own and create its own ripple.
If you could get a clear signal from those who thought of your daily, it would astound you.
Those who you think have hurt you, most likely have saved you from even further distress.
Our limits are so far away from our reality, that very few of us will ever reach them.

 These are the truths that I carry around with me daily. Some apply to me and some I have observed over time through others. Can you relate?



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