Finding A Giraffe In Your Dream / I Can't Be Stopped


   I had a very interesting conversation early this morning about what it means to have giraffes in your dreams. To say that I was instantly intrigued would be an understatement. My good friend and accountability partner told me that there were giraffes in her dream. I had my own imaginative ideas about what that might mean, but then she told me what her dream book told her that it meant and I really got excited for her. It made me want to know more, so I did a bit of research.

   What I found was really interesting. It basically said that you should decide if its time of you to take that risk or to stick your neck out a little bit further. It means that you should stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone like never before. I loved this, of course. It wasn't my dream, but the message was loud and clear. I am experiencing this message without having the dream, so I really felt lit up after hanging up the phone. The explanation said that the giraffe was a symbol of seeing things differently in your life than others do. To take a broader look and your life right now and for the future.

   I have always loved giraffes. I am not sure where this started, but they have always been one of my favorite animals in the kingdom. Funny enough, it is also said that seeing them in your dream could also mean that you are "stretching the truth" in regard to something. I love random facts like this that make you think a little bit harder about the meaning of a particular thing. Did you know that giraffes have two hair covered horns called ossicones? I love that word. Also, because they are a widely preyed upon animal, they only sleep 20 minutes a day! That is truly remarkable. They also eat hundred of pounds of greens per week. They can even go for weeks without water. Wow.

   Now on to this statement "Can't be stopped." I was in a conversation today and the person that I was speaking to reminded me that Mercury was in retrograde with today marking the beginning of the chaos. If you are unfamiliar with the retrograde, in short it means that the 3 or 4 times a year when Mercury is passing the earth, it slows down and appears to stop and go backwards. What this means for us is some possible disarray in the areas of technology, communication, and travel. Today is the first day of the supposed three week period. I am just putting it out there. Believe it or not.

   So as he says this to me. I shot back that I am on a mission to accomplish some great things and I cannot be stopped. Therefore this retrograde thing is not an issue to me. He replied, "Of course you can." I was taken aback at first and then he explained. He basically said that many things could stop me. He continued by saying that I am just choosing to keep going no matter what. I thought about it for a moment and then realized that he was right. We can all be stopped, but will we accept that or just keep plowing through? I appreciated that little lesson in watching my words carefully. I love when things yank you to the side like that. I am grateful for that moment. Words create our world. How we say we feel defines our progress. Tell your body what to feel and it listens. Try waking up each day and saying, " I love my life and I feel great." Then, do something for another person that you know cannot repay you. That is style. That is magic.



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