Easily Offended? / Kundalini Day 2

  We live amongst so many types of people who have been through so many unique and different experiences. It would be impossible to save every one by saying or doing the right thing each and every time each day. Trust me, at one time or another, I have set out to do that for single days at a time. Not a chance, let it go, set it free, absolutely not a chance. So we exist in our own bubble and we hope that we don't rub anyone the wrong way. Wait, do people even take it that far? I bet most people are so wrapped up in their worlds on the regular that it slips right by them. That leads right in to what I heard today.

   A woman was checking into the yoga class as I was leaving. The front desk woman, who could not have been more warm, open, and cordial was checking her in. It was obviously her first time at the studio. For some reason, she was asked about her age. I mean not outright, just that she left it blank on the application. She instantly retorted, saying that she was very offended that the site would not let her go forward when she tried it at home. The woman behind the desk kept her composure and let her know that it was mainly to remember the students birthdays and send them little free classes or things along that line. She said that it was rude and that it should not be that way. The woman let her know that she could put any age that she pleased just as people do on other sites if she liked. The interaction was finished after that.

   I walked out of the studio thinking about how easily offended that woman was. It took her about 20 seconds to change her entire mood. It was not comfortable to watch from a far, yet I am glad that I saw it overall. That mood change did not just happen. She had an obvious issue with her age and she wanted to keep it to herself. I felt for her because the room went quiet as she spoke and there really was no resolution outside of her walking away because she was finished signing in. This is what happens daily when we are navigating through the world. We brush up against people that are bruised by another thing and we get the residue from it. To be fair, we do it to others as well. It can be a heavy burden to hold and to give out.

    I am sending her positive vibes that give her the strength to work through these things that are eating at her. By the way, a few seconds before this while shebang, the woman smiled ad greeted me. I had never seen her before, however she seems to be a very pleasant woman nonetheless. We all have our moments right? Its just how the world rolls.

    My class today was challenging once again. It was less challenging, but it still was not easy. The teacher told us about the year 2015 and how it was the year of 8 and the ruling year of Saturn. It's the planet for discipline and justice. We also concentrated on a kriya that was designed for could have behaviors. In other words, to stop saying that you could have and why. It was built to release the locked up energy and to allow you to move forward. I enjoyed that definition. My body tingled beyond belief when we did one particular pose. The middle finger wraps around the pointer finger, as you raise the arms up to 60 degrees and chant word "HAR". This was for 11 minutes. Many sensations ran through me and it seems to really get into my system in a powerful way. I enjoyed it. The class was small and it was so relaxing. Each class ends with a mantra of sorts that the whole class chants together. Today we did it in Spanish , as it was an English/Spanish class, This is what is said:

                              The internal sun shine on you
                              And love surround you
                              And the pure light inside you
                              Guide your way home
                                          Sat Nam

     I am so thankful for kundalini. It really allows me to center my soul. I highly recommend it.
 Be well and keep reaching for higher ground.



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