Balancing The Imbalance / Kundalini Rising


   We are always going to encounter imbalances in others. To judge them is common. To understand them is uncommon. So what is the answer? We are most likely basing their imbalance on our own meter of what we feel is balanced right? The problem is, we are probably not balanced most of the time from the perspective of others either. So where do we draw the line? What's really balanced and when is it not important for us to measure it?

   My yoga practice is beginning again today. I practice Kundalini and Bikram. So I will be concentrating on Kundalini for the next 3 months. I do not mean that in an absolute way, like I will stop after that. I just like to watch my progression and what keeps me out of the room when I don't go. Its serene, it's transparent, the practice reveals who you are and what you are covering up. The clothing that is recommended is all white. It is said that white increases your aura by a certain percentage. Also the natural fibers of the white clothing allows the energy to flow without blockages. At times there are some vigorous movements, so its helps to provide a comfortable range of motion too.

    Once again I will be tracking  my progress in a little book that I will have with me after every class. I have gotten so much out of writing down my states of mind immediately when the class ends.
Think about this. How different would your life be if you took an hour and a half each day to stay calm, breathe, and streamline your spiritual side? I am still on my journey with this concept. However, I can tell you that the things that you will learn about yourself are phenomenal. I mean you have no idea what is possible when you release all of this hidden power. You might be saying what hidden power? Am I right? Were you just thinking that? I am speaking of the hidden power that we choose to hide daily. You know like hiding a bill that you don't want to pay until the lights go off in your house? I think you get my drift.

     It is the first day of the year. Actually, it's the second day of the year now. I will write my yearly list of what's important to me as well as what I plan to accomplish this year before I close my eyes. I promised myself that I would do it and place it somewhere that I could see it each and every day. This is something that really works for me. I always hint at it to my friends. I wish you all a very prosperous day or evening and I will connect with you shortly, I am so happy that you are here as always.



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