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When The Body Says Stop, Keep Going / Kundalini Day 1

Today was my first class of 2015 in the kundalini room. I have been many times before, however, when you pull away for too long, you are once again a beginner. The movements opened my heart, chest cavity, mind, and sexual organs. The breathing was very uncommon, yet, it was not wasteful at all. The people in the class were almost all new, except for a few that welcomed me back ever so graciously. I kept repeating to myself over and over again, "Leave your ego outside of this room."

   We did such movements as pushing ourselves up from a seated position and then letting ourselves drop down with the natural force of gravity. We then place out arms at a 60 degree angle and made a quasi waving movement or clapping movement while leaving the arms up in the air. It was challenging to say the least. My arms burned and begged for mercy a few times during the 2 minute marathon. We breathed and panted like dogs running across the Sahara desert. We also chanted a little bit and sent…

Balancing The Imbalance / Kundalini Rising

We are always going to encounter imbalances in others. To judge them is common. To understand them is uncommon. So what is the answer? We are most likely basing their imbalance on our own meter of what we feel is balanced right? The problem is, we are probably not balanced most of the time from the perspective of others either. So where do we draw the line? What's really balanced and when is it not important for us to measure it?

   My yoga practice is beginning again today. I practice Kundalini and Bikram. So I will be concentrating on Kundalini for the next 3 months. I do not mean that in an absolute way, like I will stop after that. I just like to watch my progression and what keeps me out of the room when I don't go. Its serene, it's transparent, the practice reveals who you are and what you are covering up. The clothing that is recommended is all white. It is said that white increases your aura by a certain percentage. Also the natural fibers of the white clothing…

The Final Curtain Falls on 2014

On November 11, 2010, I began this blog. I scrolled back to it and read it a few minutes ago and found this:

Realizing (that)
Endurance (and)
Activity (and)
Diligence (creates)

Are you ready now?

   I clearly remember wanting with all of my heart and soul to start this blog and to keep it going for the rest of my life. So now its just about 2015 in a few short hours. So for 4 years and about two months, many thoughts, questions, insights, and even frustrations have left my brain through my fingers. I make it a point to write honestly, even when it does not compliment me. When I started this blog, there was an average  of less than 50 page views a month. This month passed there were close to 2700. In total over 70,300 views have been recorded. This includes over 10 countries in the world. 

    So why exactly do I mention all of this? It's certainly not to blow my own horn. Its just because I am amazed by the power of compound effort and focus. I believe that we all want to be a part of…

Our Stereo Is Not Working

So this is an interesting story about the atmosphere being different as well as the joy of not giving up, all rolled into one. Have you ever meet a person that just doesn't want to give up no matter what? That would be me. Sometimes I really should let something go, be it a challenge to get to another level, or an uncomfortable exchange that I want to make better, or anything along those lines. Its these times, there really is no meter as to what is right or wrong. Its up to us to go with our gut and let the cards love where they may. With that being said, I walked away proud of how I dealt with this situation today and it made me feel as though I possibly gave up too soon with a few other little scenarios. I walk away a bit easier than I used to, but its still challenging.

  I have a great group of friends who are like family to me. They happen to own a Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood. These people are Chinese, not that it matters. However, I have always been fascinated …