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Becoming More Effective By Slowing Down / Accountability Challenge

There is so much power in going slow and steady. We have all heard of the turtle and no doubt seen it in action many times. I often wonder if anyone has ever seen a turtle go fast, but that's another story. My concentration though, is making a conscious effort to really slow down and become even more effective than I am already. So the question becomes, how much of what I am doing in my life right now is feeding me and how much is just artificial filler? We all say that we have so much to do at one point in our day or week or month. However, recently, I have been asking myself more and more, how much of it can I shave off and just zero in on productivity in a way that truly rewards me and those around me?

   I have a few friends in my life that seem to celebrate how busy they are while exposing how unhappy they are at the same time. Let me be clearer, they don't actually celebrate it, they complain about it. Truthfully, I love the things that I am involved in right now in …

Behind The Veil Of The Christmas Text / You Thought Of Me

Where do I start with this overly expansive topic? Each and every Christmas, I receive at least 8 texts that wish me a merry christmas. I love to be thought of just like everyone else on this gorgeous planet. The issue is, how do I know who you are if I only get a number? This is actually so entertaining to me at the same time. It's funny because I get group texts as well, therefore I get follow ups from other people that I do not know on top of that! It is just one more indicator that we are more and more disconnected in our society. I love to be called or text messaged to in the most personal way and that will never change. By the way, if I receive a text from you and it has your name on it, I completely appreciate being thought of at anytime of the day. I just really believe that we would multiply our vibrations by truly reaching out and feeling that voice when we can or meeting face to face. When it's geographically challenging, then we all can give the other person…

What Does Christmas Mean To You?

What does Christmas mean to you? Each and every one of us has a sensation that goes through us on the day before, as well as the actual day. Does it bring up happiness or sadness? Can you honestly say that you love Christmas? Why do you love it and what is the main reason behind it? I do love Christmas, but for the same reason why I love Thanksgiving. The reasons are simple, it makes us concentrate on appreciation of others and what they really mean to us. I can see the difference in people during these holidays. I of course am only speaking of the positive side at this moment.

  Being here in NYC, the city lights up and the bags are in every person's hands that you see. My question is, why does it seem to be a burden? Let me explain. If you buy a gift for a loved one, why can't you get a gift that expresses what they mean to you? Why does it seem that people are trying to out do the last gift that they gave or not come across as cheap or so many other things that I see an…