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Tales Of A Mystery Shopper

It is such an interesting truth that people act differently when they are being watched on so many levels. If you were just walking down the street and someone was filming you, how would you walk if you knew they were right behind you? Now how would that be different if you had no idea that they were there? You can't answer that right now because you are not in that moment right? Well, we can all put on a show every now and then for sure. I certainly hope you agree on this topic.

   I am not sure if I have written about this in the past. I will let you know today though, I am a mystery shopper. This means that companies pay me to let them know what is going in their companies when they are not there.I do this for fun, although, I do get paid for it. I do it about 3 times a month. I am not a threat and I have mastered being calm and real and ghost like when I am in the presence of the employees of these companies. Now in some ways, this might seem a bit cruel to some people. Th…

Finding Mandela And The Love Below

This may sound a bit off to you, however, the more that I focus my intentions and the more that I write this blog, the more things are happening in total alignment. Now just about a week ago, I was walking passed a movie premiere for the new Chris Rock Movie. I stopped and watched all of the movie stars walk in and everyone taking pictures of them and so forth. I am not start struck, however, I am star curious. They lead lives that are on surveillance 24 hours a day and it does not look easy. Anyhow, I saw one of the actresses come down the corridor that I really love. Her name is Rosario Dawson. There has always been something about her that is just solid and honest and gorgeous. So I watched her being graceful and amazing as usual. Then somehow I wound up online looking at the other things that she was currently doing. I ran across some info that said she had been recorded on one of Outcast's albums. I then thought to myself, why don't I have any of this guy's musi…


Lets face it, life is not perfect. If I had a dollar for every time a person sent that word out of their mouth or casually placed it in a sentence improperly, I would be on the beach in St.Barts right now. Just recently I was working on a project with a good friend and he said that we are getting better, but it's not perfect yet. Perfect things have no room to grow right. If you are perfect, then what do you shoot for every day? Do you just sit around and berate others and get everyone up to speed? I am just asking because I am far from perfect. As a matter of a fact, I do not wish to be perfect at all. This word or this movement has some very obvious holes in it for sure. I am just stretching it open a little bit in this posting.

   People say, that's the perfect home. Or they may say, "Now that's the perfect car for you!"They sometimes even say, "She or he is perfect for the job!" Anyway, I wrestle with perfection sometimes because it's strang…

Task Rabbit Deliciousness

If you know me, you know that I love a good presentation of any stripe. Well, today I sat through an hour and 45 minutes of a great one. There were two women, Jenna and Angela. They were both extremely professional and full of spirit. There is nothing that takes the place of a person who truly loves what they do. I was unsure if they were eating cake or giving a presentation by the looks on their faces and their body language. They provided the information and they did it with vim and vigor. I have always wanted to right vim and vigor. This is a great moment for me.

  Anyhow, if you are not familiar with Task Rabbit, in short it is a service that allows you to hire people to do the things that you cannot do. The categories are endless and the prime focus is to build community through helping others and getting compensated for it. This business model is showing up  everywhere and I love it. There is an app for the service and the people are getting paired up with an able body that wi…

My Divine Gifts / C.A.L P.

If you have ever had any dealings with numerology, you already know that the truths that are exposed are very interesting. A near and dear friend of mine asked me to give her my information as well as my picture so that her mentor could reveal my driven gifts. I balked at this at first because I could not figure out how someone else could possibly tell me my own divine gifts. I was a bit off base though. This man truly captured me in some very clear words that made me think about my path going forward and it gave me pause. Divine order, divine creation, and lastly, divine authenticity, were my divine truths. My personal journey is truly supported by these things. However, I realize more and more that there are signs all around me that tell me that these are my strengths and also my weaknesses at times.

    While reading this document that was written just for me, I stumbled over a few sentences that I had very close relations to. For example, doing whatever is necessary to keep peo…

The Kind Club

I love watching interactions between people on any level. Today I was at a cooperative in Brooklyn, NY. This is a place that I go one a month for 2 hours and 45 minutes to give my manual labor in exchange for the freshest, healthiest, and most local food in the land. I have no idea why I wrote land, instead of city or country. Anyway, I was doing some work in a different part of the building today. I was downstairs in the basement being a "turner". This means that I make sure that the products that come down on the belt make the turn off of the belt and up to another belt. From there, they are stocked and make their way back upstairs into the coop. It's a mindless task, however, the people that I spent my time with which doing it were worth it. I spent most of the time talking with a Jamaican guy and a Scottish guy. You can imagine the difference in accents as well as their points of view.

   If there is one thing that makes me happy is speaking with people who see, …