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The Scent Of A Game Changer

If there is one constant rule about NYC, its that there are none. I can say for certain that people have become successful her in so many random ways that it just disrupts my brain.In the best way of course. Whatever you can imagine, you can do it here if you do not give up. I have been focusing on my next move recently move than I have ever done on the past. Those who have already done it in their chosen paths seem to be following me like a shadow as well.As the saying goes, the moment you pay attention to something, you start seeing it everywhere.

    We are surely living in a time that more and more people are owning their own businesses and the information for the average person to do so is everywhere. The problem is, the world doesn't need any more "average". I had an average interaction today that made me leave the place that I was about to spend money in and I just chose not to accept it and leave. So needless to say, that kind of interaction could not possi…

Minutiae Explosion

There are so many little things that I notice and enjoy by myself in this crazy city. If I could hook my brain up to a computer that lets you hear the things that I have paid most attention to during every day, I could have quite a show on my hands. People just amaze me. We are all so different. I love the diversity.

  Two days ago I was coming home on the train and I ran into one of my favorite actors from "House Of Cards". I tend to manifest almost every person that I want to meet within at lest 6 months of concentrating upon them. The guy that I ran into is named Corey Stoll. I normally would not use his name, however, he and his girlfriend were just really cordial and engaging. I just excused myself for interrupting their conversation and complimented him. We then got on the train and went to the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. He lives probably blocks from me. He was a very nice person.Just classy and not full of himself at all. I manifested that meeting, I am sure of …