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Looking Beyond The Low Vibrations

This has been an interesting year for racism, killings, profiling, and so forth. I can honestly say, I have stayed as far from the news in 2014 as I possibly can. I may watch the news once in a week and that's about it. I realize that the world is going through some things that need serious attention and I am responsible to be the change that I wish to see. However, I choose to focus on that which vibrate high for myself. I do this by paying attention to the minutiae that is present all over this grand city. The things that I see are so refreshing sometimes that I just smile inside and express my gratitude without telling anyone. Yet other times, I expose it and I hope that it reaches others in a way that causes them to do the same.

   My train rides are always so full of entertainment on any day, that I feel as though somehow I should purchase a ticket after I swipe my metro card. Today I watched a man get up to give a woman his seat. I have written about this before. However,…

Impromptu Balancing The Moods Of Others

This topic is one that I will surely be fine-tuning for years to come. When we are in the presence of another person and their energy is the polar opposite ours, it can be very taxing on our soul. First thing that usually happens, is the ego rises. How many times have I experienced this? I would need 5 more sets of hands to show you. Those moments when the other person is spinning out of control and you are expected to receive it without any problems or rebuttals on your end. We have all been there right? There is venting, and then there is complaining. There is stressing and then there is whining. I think you get my point.

   What I know for sure is that in these moments, the other person is not holding themselves responsible most times. They are just shooting rounds at you like Al Pacino in The Godfather. This is where our power comes from. Its in these moments that we have to suffocate the ego and just observe. This very difficult for me in many ways. I was in this situation ove…

My Watch And A Hidden Lesson

I have a burning curiosity with finding out how to get parts for broken things and fix them myself. So I have this watch that I really  love to wear. I have had it for about a year or so maybe. For whatever reason, it was misplaced for at least 4 months. I knew in my heart that it was misplaced and not lost. I have learned over all of my years here on this earth, that when you lose something, be calm and wait for it to come back to you. This comes only after feverishly looking for it like a crazy person in the first week. I have to keep it real on this one. It has sentimental value to me, so I really wanted to find it. But the truth is, I did let it go and trust that it would be found. I was sure of two things, firstly, I knew that I would find it in a strange place. Secondly, I knew that I would find it when I was not looking at all. When it was out of my mind, it would show up.

   After months of not thinking about it, of course in perfect form, it appeared. At the bottom of my …