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Early Is On Time

This is a mobile post if it shows up a bit differently than normal. This night has just given me another reason to stick to my convictions about being on time. In this crazy and definitely unpredictable world, anything can happen on your way to any destination.
Tonight I am performing in an old school chateau in New Jersey. The theme is gothic, so we are all in black with just a tinge of color. I am blessed beyond belief to be a working professional musician and I truly do not take it for granted. One of my favorite parts of my livelihood is that the lessons just keep on coming.
Our dressing rooms are basically bedrooms and bathrooms that are above the actual performance area. I was just speaking with some of the people that are doing character work this evening. They are painted from head to toe and do not speak once they get out into the party. What a way to make some money. I love it.
The concentration of this posting is what happens when someone is late. 3 instrumentalists w…

Business Jui Jitsu

I am a business man. Not to be confused with "busyness".Yes that one letter blows the meaning right out of place for most people. You know who you are. On the days when being busy with no purpose takes over, we have lost the battle. My thoughts today are focused on the many businesses in NYC that are ridiculously thriving based on building something better based on a pre-existing template. They did not have to come up with a new idea, they just made a good idea even better. There are ideas everywhere and they seem so simple sometimes. However, when they are not acted upon, they fizzle and dwindle away faster than a cockroach when the lights come on.

  That words "Jui Jitsu" is one of my all time favorite words of all time. I love the way that it sounds and I love the meaning of it as well. It basically means that a smaller person can actually be stronger than the bigger person. Its about leverage and bringing the opponent down to the ground, so as to immobilize…

An Intense Passing....ChiChi Egbuna

Some people in this life have such a strong energy and aura that you savor it each and every time that you come near it. It's the way that they live and the way that they take you on their journey without your permission. You just let it happen because it feels so good. These are the human beings that make life worth living. These are the human beings that make you want to push harder on every level.

Grey Spotting

I have often wondered about the color grey. It is sometimes spelled with an A , and other times with an E. I have found out that it is most commonly used with the "A" in America and almost everywhere else with an "E". But then you have words like greyhound that are clearly always spelled with the E, so it makes for an interesting conversation. We use it to explain that area between two extremes as well as to say that something is unclear and so forth. I of course have a particular fascination with it because it is another version of my name, which is also spelled differently. I digress profusely.

  Throughout my entire life I have associated the color gray with growing older and wiser. Actually, just the older part up until I realized what gaining true wisdom is really about. I watched as some of my greatest and most treasured friends grew a bit older as well as my own family. It's a strange thing to get older. I mean we are all doing it by the moment and n…

Getting Turned On

Where is your mind now? What did that title do your thoughts? Did you feel it in a sexual way, a spiritual way, a nondescript way, or just strange in general? I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently, and she used that sentence to describe her current state of mind. She told men that she feels turned on again to her life. After going to a seminar that was tailored for women, she felt turned on again about her life. Was it the collective women vibe and the bonding? Was it the change of climate that was very obvious because it was in Florida? Maybe it was  something that she heard from another person? Either way, it changed her. The voice that I heard last week and the one that I heard yesterday was night and day.

   As we listen to those around us on a daily basis, we all hear and feel energy. When someone is "lit up",there is no mistaking it no matter who you are in contact with on any day. When I am turned on and lit up, everything around me takes on that rhyt…