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A. Fall / Sonorous

The holiday season is upon us and its great to see it developing right in front of me. I walk around in the city quite a bit to do many things and its just glorious. I have to say though, its always the people that make it extra special. It does not matter what day of the week I walk around, I always find a person that gives me pause and pushes my mind to another place.

   I had to take a taxi the other day, UBER to be exact. If you are not familiar with UBER, look it up. It's classier than a cab.The service is really great and I have had all good experiences with it so far. There is an app on your phone that shows cars nearby on a map and then you type in an address and reserve. Its cool. No money is exchanges, by the way. Its all automated through your card.

   So this driver was from Senegal. His name was Alfouine Fall I believe. I didn't want to get it wrong in the title of the blog, hence the A.Fall. Firstly, he arrived across the street from the address that I had key…

Vitamin P / Your Story / Yes

I would love to tell you that something earth shattering has kept me from writing a proper blog for about a month or so, but that would not be true. The truth is that I have been hiding behind living and a tad bit of fear. Not to worry, I am happy and very much in a creative and loving space right now. Its just that so many lessons and challenges are staring me in the face right now that its just insane. My ears, eyes, and soul are more open now than they have ever been in my entire life. Its magical, freeing, scary, confusing, thought provoking, and most of all consistent.

  In the middle of a discussion with a client of mine, she delivered a statement to me where she made it clear that we should never go even one day without our dose of Vitamin P. The P is this case means "pleasure". I felt like that statement was a no brainer when she first said it. Then I thought about it a little bit closer and realized that I need to pay more attention to this concept. Trust me, I h…