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Right or Wrong? Soft or Strong?

I have taken almost a month off of Facebook and I can honestly say that I feel so much different. I feel clearer in a sense. I am well aware of most things going on around me in my community and in the world at large. Most importantly, I am in a state of non judgement as I relates to my many friends who still frequent it day for hours at a time. My concern is this, connect with the people who you care for head to head or even in a phone call and be present. It's simple and it changes the energy each and every time. It really works.
    So a few days ago I was in the dressing room at my yoga  studio and I saw a book that I had read quite some time ago called "Ask And It Is Given". I was so happy to see the title again that I asked the guy who was sitting next to the book if it was his. He confirmed that it was and a conversation  ensued that went in a different direction, based on an outside energy. As we spoke, I told my new found acquaintance that this book was so p…