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The Kindness Train / Facebook And I Have Separated

I love to take stock of interaction between others, as you can clearly see. I believe that it has made me a better person over time. Being here in NYC, I see things that are so amazing that I continue to document them over and over again. There is so much to learn by just stopping and taking it all in.

  Two days ago I was on my way into the city on the train. People were speaking got each other, checkin their phones, staring off in to the distance, and so forth. The diversity of personalities and physical appearance was just over the top interesting. As I looked to my right, a woman got on the train with her mother, or so it seems as it was her mother. There was a man sitting to the right of her who was sitting next to an empty space.She smiles and graciously took it. Her daughter then stood in front her. The man actually put his hand out behind the woman back as the train pushed off, so she did not fall as she sat down. Then about 1 minute later , he got up and gave his seat to t…