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Quick Manifestation / The Importance Of Friendly Engagement

Welcome back to me! That is what I heard as I sat down to write this posting. So much is going on and I am taking it all on head first. I am still such a glutton for watching how people show up in my life on many levels. One day I am just navigating through the day alone snapping pictures or listening to music. The next day I am in a five star hotel speaking to a man that is highly influential and worth over a trillion dollars. That was not a typo, he really was worth that much. That story will come at a later time. In the end, we are all people and that is that. No amount of money gives us more access into anothers true heart. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

    So about a week ago I was reading the latest issue of Yoga Journal. I love this magazine and it is truly a ray of light in my life. Each issue has pictures and stories that are enlightening, moving, sensible, and most importantly, useful to all. In this past issue, I was moved by a particular Yogi named Sarit…