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She Used My Bike For Balance

I see so many things when I am riding the subway in NYC. What mostly stands out for me is how people work with each other or not. The rides on the subway are generally short for the average person. Let's say somewhere from 5 to 10 blocks. Obviously, that is just an average. People sit next to each other when they have to, but never when they don't have to. The ride can be very hot and muggy almost to excess, or it can be as cool as a mountain breeze. I love the things that happen when the doors close.

   Yesterday, I travelled uptown, with my bike, on the train.  I was happy to pick up a book that I bought online from a very intense, intelligent, and kind woman that I am happy to be connected to. Now for those of you who are not from NYC or have never been here, you might be asking yourself, why is he I traveling on a train with his bike? The short answer is, we have the luxury of doing that here. Sometimes you want to train there and ride back. So I was loving having my b…